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Sorbet swirl


A little boy is sick this week.  In between mopping fevered brow, washing away buckets of puke and emptying baskets of snotty tissues, something popped off the needles.

Pretty, non?  They’re my first pair of Knitsch socks, believe it or not.  Yummy, squishy, hand-dyed 100% New Zealand merino!  I have to say I like pure wool socks a lot better than the 75% wool, 25% nylon versions.  I find the nylon content shows through after a year or so of wear, and makes the socks feel squeaky.  And then I don’t like the socks quite so much any more.  Whereas, pure wool just keeps getting nicer…

These are a standard 64 stitch cast on with 2.25mm needles, cuff down, partridge eye heel and tapered toe (as opposed to a square toe).

The little boy is better today, thank goodness!  He’s still running a temperature but at least I know he’s on the mend.


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15 thoughts on “Sorbet swirl

  1. Sorry to read about the sick boy. Those socks look really cool. You picked the right name – sorbet swirl!

  2. Poor sick lad, I hate it when my kids are sick, you feel so helpless! It is good that you have knitting though, I find it helps me through those sick days. That is a lovely sock by the way, and they’re nice and bright for this time of year.

  3. Love your socks and like you I do like the 100% pure merino – love ready your newsy posts

  4. Not cool about the sick little guy, but nice socks 🙂

  5. Agree that the name is amazingly apt.

  6. I agree – I find even the tiniest amount of nylon or acrylic on my feet just feels weird and kinda cold. Not so with the wool! Gorgeous socks!

  7. Its hard when our little ones are sick, makes you feel so helpless. Sock knitting looks like it kept the pacing at bay. they are a lovely pair of socks 🙂

  8. Poor lad and poor you. Thank goodness for knitting that can be picked up and put down as needed. Health germs to your home:-)

  9. Hope your boy is soon fully recovered..
    Those socks are awesome !

  10. I’ve noticed that a little bit of silk in sock yarn also shows up pretty fast. I don’t really care for the whitish color that appears.
    Your socks are wonderful. And I’m glad your boy is on the mend as well.

  11. What gorgeous socks … they look exactly like sorbet. Sorry to hear that you’ve been tending to a sick boy. I must pm you tonight and catch up! xo

  12. but i thought socks last longer with the nylon added?they are sweet tho. glad the little boy is feeling better – its been a bad winter for bugs!