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I believe there is a knitting deity.  The knitting deity allows you mostly the freedom to knit what you want, when you want, and how much you want.  But sometimes, this deity makes its presence known when you push the envelope a wee bit too far.

So when I said I was casting on for a new sweater (even though I have three sweater WIPs) and then I cast on for yet another pair of socks (even though I had three on the needles), this deity obviously decided that it was time I learned a lesson in moderation.

You saw what happened to Olga.  And while Olga sits in the time-out pile, I did decide to cast on for those pretty, self-striping socks.  I happily knitted an entire cuff.  So pretty!!!  Look at those cute stripes coming out all on their own!!

But the young boy who has watched me knitting since he was knee-high to a grasshopper looked at it and said “Mum, whose socks are those?”


“I think it’s too small”.

“Well, it’s a bit smaller than I normally knit, but I think it’s ok.”  (I’m using 2mm needles with 68 stitches).

“I could wear them if they’re don’t fit…”

“But they’re pink and green.”  (No way am I giving these gorgeous self-striping socks up!!)

“Yes, but no one will see as they’ll be hidden under my jeans!”

His comments bothered and twanged at the back of my mind all the way down the cuff.  Last night, I tried them on.  And realised with an immense sigh that “someone” was right again, and they were indeed the exact right size for a nine-year-old boy.  He has an unnerving ability to tell when my knitting is going wrong!!

Today, much humbled, I sat down and actually finished something.

They’re very pretty.  I ought to have finished them sooner.

Do you think I can start the self-striping pretties now???


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23 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Love them – I have two pair started (first time I have tried to knit socks on four needles)and think they might fit a toddler if they are ever finished

  2. Your freshly finished pair are lovely! You going to rip and restart with the striping stuff? Let us see, let us see!

    • Too late. I briefly considered photographing it, but it was late, the light was crap, and I was annoyed. It’s a ball of wiggly yarn now… 😉 And maybe just the smallest amount of cuff ribbing has appeared… You’ll get pics soon!

  3. Your finished socks look gorgeous !
    As on whether to start with the self-striping yarn now.. considering my last comment and what happened with your knitting with it thusfar, I will not meddle in that karma / knitting deity again and refrain from comment here.. 😉

  4. Ah yes, the knitting deity that lays waste to all the best-laid plans. And most of the poorly-laid plans, too. 😀

  5. Lovely, I particularly like the toes. How do you do this type of toe? I only do the very boring usual fronts and they never quite fit which is not a great surprise seeing the biggest toe is NOT in the middle on most people!! 🙂
    Bimbi c

    • Surprisingly, it is the usual bind-off (reduce 4 stitches every alt row). I stop at between 10 – 12 stitches on each side depending on the weight of the yarn as I find that looks best. When I put them on, the bind-off appears over my big toe! I have observed that people with second toes longer than their first (majority of the population it seems) often adapt the bind off and prefer the square-toe (16 stitches on each side bind-off which means you need to knit a longer foot before starting the reducing). Hope that helps!

  6. Ahh, what a smart and keen young lad you have and if nothing else, how lovely that he WANTS a pair of hand-knitted socks to wear (regardless of the color stripes). Your new socks are gorgeous!

    • He surprises me some times! Unfortunately, he’s growing so fast I fear that he’ll grow out of the socks far too quickly. I suppose I should’t really make that a reason to knit him some…

  7. It’s funny how we discover the people we live with ARE paying attention. 🙂

    • Yes. One must never forget the constant presence of small ears and eyes (sometimes the things one says get repeated at the most inopportune moments!)

  8. Those socks are really lovely. I think now the knitting deity would let you move on to
    the stripey goodies. Hopefully she is nice like that! 🙂

  9. love them – the yarn is so pretty. Your heel flap is cool – what stitch is that?

  10. They are very pretty. The heel stitch really pops out with that yarn.

  11. I’m impressed that your son could tell by sight that the socks were too small. Kudos to him.
    And I’m sure that you have appeased the knitting gods with the finished pair of socks.

  12. As I sit here and read your post and all these comments
    I’m going to take it slow ’cause I don’t want something to jump up and bite me.

    I’ve already frogged a sweater this week.

    I love all the comments.

    The eye of partridge is a change up, isn’t it.


  13. I daren’t start anything new I have too many WIP’s on the needles, I will anger the Knitting god for sure!