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MY Olga


Here she is in all her glory:  the finished Olga!

It’s so snuggly, and so soft!  I’ve left the neckline wide, but it still keeps my neck nice and warm.

I’m afraid it now only remotely resembles the original Olga, but it’s definitely the Olga I wanted.  I’ve Raveled my notes here if you want to know exactly what I did.

It’s going to be a while before I knit anything with 10mm (US15) needles again though.  That size needle is really not my favourite!  I was very pleased to be finished.


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20 thoughts on “MY Olga

  1. Looks great! I hate big needles too, possibly why my CPH has taken so long; I keep knitting socks cos the needles are friendlier. CPH isn’t even that large a needle.

    • Isn’t it funny how our perceptions of size change as we progress in our knitting. When I started knitting, small needles terrified me, but now I’m of the same opinion as you.

  2. Size 15 needles are tough. It’s like knitting with logs. I’m glad the sweater came out the way you meant for it to. It sure looks snuggly!

  3. Your Olga is beautiful! Glad she’s turned out just how you wanted in the end. 🙂

  4. Lovely, as you said it is snuggly fitted.:)

  5. It looks lovely. I really like the colour. I find big needles make my hands ache after a while.

    Off too baby sit the wools hop again today!!


  6. I’m totally with you on the needles! I’m not a fan of them either. The sweater looks fantastic, knew you’d figure out a way to work it – way to go you!!

  7. I’m glad you sorted it in the end – your Olga looks fab! I think the colour is great on you.

  8. Such a lovely colour and gorgeous new sweater, I love how she has turned out 🙂

  9. Your Olga is the perfect winter pullover, color and all. As for US15 needles, I would be equally annoyed to have to knit a sweater with such big needles. I’m knitting one with US11 now and finding it a bit unpleasant. LOL!

  10. I taught myself on some US11 needles. Since then I’ve had issues with anything larger. Generally I find myself happiest with US8s or smaller. Larger just feels so clumsy.

    That is a gorgeous sweater! You did an incredible job on it and it looks lovely on you. 🙂

  11. I love it – the colour is just gorgeous and I am loving that chunky neck! Makes me almost, just a teeeeeeny bit, want the warmer weather to draw to a close. Okay, not quite yet, but when it does, I am going to knit a cosy sweater too 🙂

  12. Wow, do you look all set & ready for winter… 🙂 !
    Lovely how your Olga turned out ( and I think the colour suits you so well, too ) and much respect for finishing it anyway, with all the frogging and those big needles.. !

  13. It came out great! It looks like it fits perfectly.

  14. It is fabulous! 🙂