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Sock it to me


Things have been quite busy lately.  I’m also trying very hard to actually finish a few projects before Winter ends.  Can you believe it’s Spring in only two weeks?  What an unhappy thought for this cold-loving girl!!  All that means I haven’t had as much time to post as usual.  However, I am in the middle of plotting a series of interesting articles for you assuming all goes to plan.  Hopefully there will be something interesting for you to read soon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some sock stash enhancement I’ve been lucky to indulge in lately!

I decided to have a nosy on the Knitsch website recently, and fell in love… with this:

100% merino sock yarn in the West Janney and Mandli colourways.

I had to buy them, of course!  So delicious, I have happy socky plans for these pretty babies.

And then I told you about Flagstaff Alpacas getting their new yarns, and saw this, and out came the credit card faster than you can blink:

This is the Winter Tussock colourway in their 60% alpaca, 20% merino, 20% nylon sock yarn.  And this:

Tinkle in the new alpaca/merino blend aran weight (10 ply) yarn.  This one lives on my sideboard where I can pet and look at it longingly and make cunning plans for a squooshy cowl while I plough through my never-ending WIPs that just won’t finish!! (I am trying to be good and not cast on anything new until I’m done with at least one or two more current projects).

New stocks of Flagstaff’s yarn have been dyed… have a peek here to see the new season colours!  Oh my goodness, so mouth-wateringly pretty!!!!  I want.them.ALL!!!! I love that a story goes with each colourway too.  It is extremely distressing to this girl here to be told they won’t be available on the Flagstaff Alpacas website until after the Dunkley’s Craft Show in Christchurch from 7 – 9 September.  Now I just need to haunt Flagstaff Alpaca’s website to make sure I get me some gorgeous yarn as soon as it comes on line!!!  (I guess it does give me time to save up though! ;p)

And then, just because I really don’t have enough sock yarn to play with(!), I was in one of my local yarn stores, Knit World, recently, and decided it was time I tried their new house sock yarn:

It’s a quality base of 100% New Zealand merino wool, and I can see some pretty purple patterned socks in my future. 😉

These new yarns make me very happy.  It’s so nice to have some lovely new yarn to play with.  I think finding pretty new yarn to own has to rank even higher on the happiness scale than finishing a project.  Perhaps it’s just that by the time I bind off, I’m just pleased to be done with it (process isn’t my game in knitting), whereas the acquisition of new yarn brings the thrill of the hunt, and the endless, sparkly possibilities and opportunities to dream of new projects.  Oh the stimulation!

What’s your experience? Do you prefer the “hunt” or the “process”?


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11 thoughts on “Sock it to me

  1. It’s definitely the hunt for me, love finishing objects, but before I get there I just want it done! A new yarn though has so much possibility, it could be almost anything and I get a bit of a thrill from surfing Ravelry for the “might be’s”.

  2. I’m a bit of a hunter myself. I love looking for a perfect yarn to pair with a design. I’ve actually found that I enjoy the process of knitting when it’s my own design. I suppose it’s because I’m still figuring out bits of the pattern or hunting for mistakes. (I suppose that still counts as hunting) When I knit using other people’s designs, it’s almost exclusively because I want that object immediately.

    Seeing all your lovely acquisitions makes it harder to be on a yarn diet. (Says the girl who bought 20 skeins yesterday… for a design, I swear.)

    • I can identify with that. Had to giggle at the admission of yarn purchase. I think it’s very important for designers to feed their inspiration. Even if it means more yarn buying! 😀

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  3. I too, am all about the hunt. Unfortunately, I rarely have a project in mind when I buy my yarn – it’s generally when it’s pretty/squooshy/delicious and I can’t pass it up. This is why I have an overflowing cupboard of wool upstairs (which I’m trying desperately to empty out before baby comes, because it’s in his/her room!!)

  4. As usual, I’m a bit of both the hunt and the process. Lately, I’ve been trying to be better about only adding to my stash with projects in mind but I’m just as guilty of buying new yarn because it’s so nice to own and pet! ; )

  5. So many pretty new yarns! It sure looks like you’ve been busy acquiring new fun things lately 🙂 I’m trying to save up for a fiber festival coming up on Sept. 22. The hunt is always a thrill! So much ooohing and aahhhing and sqooshing and petting. The process is nice, and the bind off is certainly smile-inducing, but it’s the excitement of a soft and pretty new yarn is what really gets me!

  6. Whenever I buy yarn without a project in mind, I always end up with not enough for when a specific project does come along for which it would be perfect. Case in point, I bought a yummy ball of Touch Yarns multi coloured thick-and-thin yarn over a year ago. I finally started knitting with it and realised and beautiful the mix of colours is…only to find that it’s now out of production!
    So for me, I guess I’m a hunter of knitting patterns first.

  7. I love the process, but the possibilities of what to do with lovely yarn are also fun. 🙂

  8. Due to a certain lack of funds in combination with a LYS that does not sell too many réally fancy stuff, I’m not really a yarn hunter ( yet ? ).. However I do like to pattern-hunt and think of all the things I could knit, given I had the time and funds.. 😉 O, and I recently discovered a very fancy online shop; but ‘luckily’ I don’t have a credit card..
    I can totally see why you would want all that alpaca yarn… Love them all ! That ‘horse gully’ looks smashing !

  9. Oh its the hunt for me too! I love the knitting process but its just that by the end of the project and I am looking for the next one 🙂