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Thanks for your patience


I know.  It has been a long time coming.

I finally got up the courage/found the heart to finish writing, editing and testing Strong Heart.  It’s ironic that in a pattern I’ve named “Strong Heart”, I sort of lost heart in finishing it.  I still find releasing patterns a terrifying business.

There were also a couple of things I did not like about the original design.  I thought I could ‘let it go’, but the perfectionist freak in me could not.  Instead, I sat on the design for a while.

This week, sternly telling myself that if I did not get the thing finished, I’d miss winter entirely, I finally picked up my needles and began a third version.

I am really, really happy with this version!

I have finally ironed out the thumb detail that I wanted.

I’m going to test out some small details one more time just to make sure I have it right, but the pattern is in final editing stages now.

Won’t be long (truly!)

In case you’re wondering, this test version is in Zealana’s amazing Rimu.  This colourway is called Riverbank (R03).  I swear, it’s utterly, and totally gorgeous.  So incredibly silky soft, so warm, so…  why did it take so long for me to actually knit a proper thing in Rimu!!??  (I know why… it’s because I’ve been hoarding it! ;-))

I anticipate it will be the weekend’ish when the pattern is out, depending on how my week goes.

There will be a small contest to celebrate me getting up the courage to release another pattern.  I bought several balls of Rimu because I love it so much.  Perhaps I might share…

Guess I’d better get back to pattern writing!


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19 thoughts on “Thanks for your patience

  1. Great looking mitts – well done.

  2. Pattern writing is really tough. I’m glad you are finding it in yourself to finish this one up. And if you ever need any moral support/ encouragement, please email me.

    (The thumb detail is fabulous too. It really flows well.)

  3. I love that colour. Really Autumny (is that a word??)

    I and really looking forward to the colder weather, like you I and not a lover of the summer, wool jumper and jeans that is me, not shorts and tee-shirts!!

  4. They are awesome !
    Summer’s going to an end here in a while, so it’s perfect timing if you as me 😉
    Those mittens are definitely going to be on my to-knit list !

  5. They are really beautiful mitts, well done!

  6. They look lovely! And I have JUST the person in mind to make them for…..

  7. I love the cable detail on the thumb! I’m sorry this endeavor stressed you out so much but the outcome looks marvelous 🙂

  8. I can’t wait for them! I must admit that I was regularly checking your rav page and free patterns here in hope to find this pattern.

  9. Gorgeous. Really enjoy your blog.
    Seeing your alpaca yarn post – this might interest you if you can’t wait until Andy gets back. for latest yarns.
    Cheers, Doe.

  10. That’s beautiful! I have some gorgeous turquoise alpaca that I was wanting to knit some handwarmers out of, but I haven’t been able to find a perfect pattern yet – and here it is! I can’t wait until you release it. Thanks!

    • Thank you! 🙂 It will look great in alpaca. I’ve been using all sorts of scraps doing my testing of the bits I’m not happy with, and it looks super in a softer yarn like alpaca.

  11. Great pattern, I love the cables!

  12. Congrats on finishing your pattern!
    It is lovely.

  13. They look so cosy and warm as well as beautiful.