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Sudden Death


So here I was, humming along with the last of my winter knitting, when the weather performed Sudden Death.  It is suddenly really warm*.  It’s not meant to be warm at this time of year.  It’s still meant to be cold, and yet, I find myself reaching for cotton and skirts, and scratching in my wardrobe, looking for non-existent summer cardigans…

*I know this phrase is relative.  But I do think it has been much warmer than usual for September in NZ.

Where are all my summer weight things?  Sadly, I wore out my favourite summer top last season, and all the others are let’s say, a little dated (it’s embarrassing to say how long ago I bought them – they feature cropped lengths that I no longer find comfortable).

So… time to get out the lace weight/fingering weight yarns and search for a pretty new cardigan and summer sweater to wear this summer.  When faced with this predicament, I find it’s often easier to search through my hard copy issues of magazines (do I hear a gasp from the “e-philes” among you!?? hehe).  Ravelry just did not bring up what I was looking for, even though I refined my search terms down to specifics.  Besides, it’s fun to sit in comfort and browse at leisure, something I cannot do sitting in front a screen.

I spent a day of looking and researching.  This is where Ravelry does become useful – I have a look at how others have knitted the pattern and whether it looks good on the same body shape as mine.  And I have hit upon a list that is rather long, and I know I won’t get to knit them all, but they’re all so nice it’s hard to choose!

First up, the lace cardigan from the Noro Knitting Magazine:

Image courtesy of Noro Magazine

It looks easy enough.   In summer, lace is good.  It’s also a relatively economical knit, needing just four balls of the Noro Taiyo Sock.  I don’t know if I’ll use Taiyo, but something like Noro’s Silk Garden Sock or Kureyon Sock is sounding good at this stage.  Having said that, I’ve just had an exciting alternative idea, but I won’t share just yet… 😉  I need to swatch to see if it will work first.

Next up, the Prudence Pullover from the Fall 2012 issue of Knitscene is looking nice.  It looks like something I would wear, minus the bobbles.  I have a lovely soft grey sportweight yarn in my stash that would go perfectly with this.

I have until now, rejected the idea of wearing tunic-style tops.  However, the Counterpane Blouse from the Summer 2010 issue of Interweave is very appealing.  It’s nice and long and floaty… it would go well over a cotton tee.  I’m not sure of which yarn to use though.  Need to do more thinking around this one!

Interweave’s Spring 2009 issue has long haunted my wishlist dreams.  This issue is chock full of lovely designs!  Time to finally knit myself a Diminishing Rib Cardigan me thinks!  It will double well as workwear.  There is a nice black crepe yarn in my stash that I think will suit this pattern.  The Parker Cardigan is also a potential, as is the Millefiori Cardigan.  Actually, having seen how flattering Millefiori is for so many people, I suspect it will go on to my ‘must knit’ list!  The Whisper Cardi is another classic, but I’m not sure…

And what of the ones already in my queue:  the classic Minimalist Cardigan from Interweave Fall 2007?  Or the Lace V-neck from Vogue Knitting’s Holiday 2009 issue?  Or indeed Flaming June from last summer’s Knitty?

There are some yarns I have in mind as “must knit this Summer”:

My beautiful balls of Zealana Kiwi (Cotton/Merino/Possum) Laceweight:

More Zealana, but in Kiwi Fingering:

Perhaps this lovely merino/angora/silk from Woolyarns:

And, most excitingly, a bit of Little Wool Company‘s Wool/Silk/Mohair:

You’ll notice that the number of patterns and the yarns I highlight do not match up. That’s because I suspect as much as my greedy little needles want to knit all the things, I won’t be able to get through more than the four yarns I highlight above!

There’s always gift knitting and designing that get in the way… but who knows?  Maybe I will be able to knit more!??

Now to narrow down the candidates in search of WIP No.1!



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14 thoughts on “Sudden Death

  1. I love all your pattern choices so I don’t know how you’re going to decide! Personally, I think the Flaming June will look gorgeous on you. Sorry to hear that it’s already hot in NZ … we had an awful summer here in NY so I hope you get spared a similar fate. I’m just patiently waiting for fall weather to finally arrive.

  2. Oh no! – not the want-to-knit-all-the-things thing! Good luck 🙂

  3. I was in the gift shop at The Blue Mountains yesterday and they had a whole selection of gorgeous possum/ merino knitwear for sale, my friend was amazed and I was able to tell her all about the lovely woo thanks to you 😊. Good luck with picking one!

  4. My favourites are the Lace cardigan from Noro and the Minimalist cardigan. Love the colour of the laceweight Zealana Kiwi.

  5. My vote is for the Flaming June. I think it looks lovely and would translate well in Kiwi.

  6. I love most of those, especially the first two. I have been trying to knit a warm weather garment since last summer, but so far have had four disasters and have my fingers crossed for the fifth try. Cotton doesn’t seem to like me very much.

  7. It certainly does seem warmer. I still think of September as not quite Spring.I love going through my magazines. I’ve post it notes sticking out everywher with not a hope of making all I like.I narrow down by looking on Ravelry at them. Then I find something different there! I’ve just finished the Tempest cardigan which is ideal for this weather. I used Fibre Alive and Koigu KPM just love it.I like the look of Flaming June.

  8. I rather like the Counterpane Blouse and the Millefiori Cardigan. The Minimalist Cardigan would be good, too. Some of the others you mention may be a little heavy for our warmer months, perhaps? The Essential Cardigan ( is similar to Minimalist and is quite, smart also.

  9. I know how you feel… got me a likewise problem here with autumn/winter cardigans-to-knit…. Good luck with choosing !
    Considering you’d mentioned “Flaming June” before… maybe you should go for it now ( if you got just ‘that yarn’ in your stash… 😉 )

  10. I agree with the others.. Flaming June seems like a stylish versatile all round summer cardi. i also think the parker cardigan and the lace v-neck top would look good on you too .. 😉

  11. even this further south in North canterbury we are having a warm early spring week of weather. the wind has been very torrid for many of of us in different parts of the country the last few days though.

    i really like the Lace Cardigan from Noro, Featherweight Cardigan and the Diminishing Rib Cardigan.
    i, myself, want to knit from my mag Designer Knitting Early Autumn 2012 #06 Sheer Cardigan by Mari Lynn Patrick and i found it on Ravelry.

    i also really rather like this and am taken with the tiny tiny cap sleeve too Watershed by Amy Swenson a small romantic cardie

    plus there is another couple i would like to add for my warmer weather wardrobe, but need to locate pictures for ou to see.

  12. i forgot to add this. I’ve. been thinking about it for years but i have not as yet purchased any yarn for it. Did you mention this pattern at some point as well?? Some of the yarns you show us for socks would be beautiful or a 4ply milk that has silk in it as well. Hmmmmm!!
    Tempest by Ann Weaver