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It’s Monday evening, the last of four, gorgeously beautiful Spring days.  It seemed that all over Wellington (and probably New Zealand), people were out enjoying the sunshine and calm days.

We went to my favourite beach, where someone had fun examining rock pools…

We found beautiful things to look at…

I just love that brilliant, translucent colour…

There were a million other people on the beach too (well, I exaggerate, but it felt like it).  I guess that’s what happens on a nice day (grump).  I decided not to photograph them.

I did some knitting.

I’m just going to say that the Diminishing Rib Cardigan is a total pain to knit.  It has ribbing of doom (which had better be worth it!)

The next day, we went to admire the tulips, in full bloom for the Spring Festival at the Wellington Botanical Gardens.  There were lots of people there too.  It’s not surprising really – aren’t the flowers a riot of fabulousness!?

We went home and I did more knitting.  The ribbing of doom made me make awful mistakes such that I haven’t done since I started knitting.  The ribbing of doom got to me so much that I ran (almost literally) screaming full pelt into a lovely bit of light relief…

I’ve called it Quilted.  I knitted it in the most unbearably beautiful merino, possum and cashmere mix.  So light, so warm, so soft!!!  The yarn is called Pu’rrr, from Mohair Craft.  It is purry indeed!

The pattern is ridiculously easy – I’ll see if I can lay it out for you some time this week.

The cardigan, by the way (the Gooseberry Cardigan by Hannah Fettig) is what I wear the most out of all my knits.  It’s in Anna Gratton‘s wonderful Little Wool Co. Pure Wool Naturals (DK).  Having been worn continuously since Jan 2011, it’s looking a tiny bit pilled at the moment, but a quick pick over gets rids of the fluff balls and then it’s as good as new.  It is everything I hoped it would be when I knitted it.

I often find that a mix of soul-stirring inspiration (nature) mixed with something unpleasant (in this case, too many people wherever I went this weekend) is often a potent catalyst for creation.  It was definitely a “Springspiration” kind of weekend!


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11 thoughts on “Springspiration

  1. It must be lovely to be so close to such a beautiful beach! I haven’t been to a beach in roughly 10 years. That’s the bummer about living in Midwestern USA! Too far from the ocean! Your rock pool findings and those stunning tulips are great picutres. Thanks so much for sharing with us! I also look forward to seeing the pattern for the Quilted piece you showed us.

    • I once lived away from the sea, and I got so depressed. There were no hills or mountains either (my other love). I guess it’s what you get used to. Glad you like Quilted!

  2. I still remember the day I undid all my Diminishing Rib Cardi – I hope yours goes better!

    • Oh no!!! All that ribbing… you poor thing! I tried it on last night, and it’s a bit roomier than I would have liked (someone always seems to think she needs a size larger than she actually does…). I think I’ll persist at this stage.

  3. I’m working on the Trompe Oeleil (sp?) pullover in Melissa Leapman’s new book, which has intersecting ribs, and I’ve done a bit of ripping out. – like you say, “dumb mistakes” that don’t show up until you’ve knit another 7 rows. Love the way it looks, though, when I get it right. I think I need a short break to do Quilted. Will you be selling the pattern?

    • Sounds like we’ve been having correlating issues! Quilted will be the perfect antidote. 🙂 It will be a free pattern. It’s so easy I couldn’t possibly charge for it.

  4. i am a real fan of Hannah Fettig’s patterns and yours looks as if it fulfills all your wishes between the pattern and your yarn choice. what a lovely day you both had down at the seaside. i have the mountains here, the view from from any room in my home on the farm was stupendoud on a daily basis, however, now i’m in the town, i have to go outside my gate to get parts of that view and it never fails to grab my breathe and lift my spirits. we will look forward to hearing/knowing more about your Springspiration

  5. Lovely seaside pics ! Wish the sea was nearer to where I live, too…
    And about that ribbing.. wel… maybe it’s just the time of year or something.. ?
    It’s no ribbing here, but I had to frog over ten rows, for the second time already… The result had better be worth it indeed :-0

  6. I heard it was heaving with people at the Gardens last weekend, and it wasn’t even Tulip Sunday yet.

    • I think the good weather and the fact that the flowers are at their best now helped. We drove past again today, and the hoards are there again. I think I’ll hibernate at home for a while…

  7. There may have been crowds of people, but your photos gave us solitude to concentrate solely on Nature’s beauty and to appreciate and enjoy
    Love tulips