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This little project gave me a lot of satisfaction to knit.  It was super quick and easy, and is the exact height and width to fit perfectly around the neck to keep you cosy, but without being too close or too loose.  Happiness!

It’s a great little stash buster too – it uses around 140m/153yds of DK weight yarn.  I’d recommend you use a soft, fluffy and warm yarn with a nice drape, like the Pu’rrr I used, a beautiful New Zealand possum, cashmere and merino mix.  I’ve knitted it with a relaxed tension, which adds to the drapey quality of the cowl.

It’s a free pattern from me – Free pattern – Quilted cowl

Happy Knitting!


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18 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. It looks really cute- I’ll have to check it out!

  2. As i have always “loved” polo necked jumpers, I find cowls an alternative plus being such a practical and good-looking accessory! They are also such a happy option to be wearing should the temperatures rise. Yours looks to be a “must have,” so soft and snuggly and it is a pattern that could be knitted when one’s knitting tension is under duress. Whoever took that top photo showing your cowl, the neck of your cardigan and some of your hair with the light reflecting in it did a wonderful job in my humble opinion. It grabbed me with the combinations of colours and textures appealing instantly.

    • Cowls are so useful. I’m glad you agree! That photo you like is my favourite too. It’s really all about the lighting – the sun was at the right angle, and diffused perfectly that day.

  3. HI, Such a lovely pattern, looks very satisfying to make! The cowl looks great on you too! Thank you so much for the pattern. I think it would make great xmas gifts and not to tasking : )

  4. I quite like the pictures you got of the cowl. The stitch pattern really jumps out.

  5. This looks great – and very useful. Now I’m going to look out for the appropriate yarn. Roll on next winter….
    Thanks so much for the pattern – Julia

  6. It looks lovely and cozy for those days when there’s still a bite in the air. 🙂 Thank you – I’ve just bought the perfect wool for this cowl, too!

  7. That’s super pretty!
    The yarn was sounding so nice too until I clicked on the link (thinking about some birthday shopping…) and was affronted by giant logo with the word ‘mohair’. I blinked, trying to recall why I was feeling uncomfortable then like a truck- it hit me.

    I frantically clicked away, my skin crawling and I took a moment on the television (Barefoot Contessa, or Cupcake Wars- they seem to be the only 2 programmes ever playing on the Food Network) to recuperate.
    Mohair is itchy. Food is not.

    It’s still a pretty cowl though, only now whenever I look at it (even though you mentioned no mohair, and instead wrote cashmere), I instantly feel a light itching around my neck…

    Downloaded the pattern and on my next trip up to Newcastle might grab you some yarn to play with (airpost via my Christmas goodie suitcase)… that’s if there’s any left 😉

    • Funny daughter! It is cashmere, not mohair! I know… it’s sold by a company with the name mohair, but I promise you, it is the stuff you like. 😉 Do not tease with the mention of yarn…!

  8. I am definitely going to knit this lovely cowl … stash diving in my mind as I type this comment! Thanks for offering your new design as a freebie. It’s the perfect accessory!

  9. Ooh, gorgeous. I love knitting cowls and I love wearing them too!

  10. I like that. I’ve been meaning to make a nice cowl but now it’s too warm to them so it will have to wait until next Autumn.

  11. Its gorgeous, will have to go on the list for next winter now 🙂

  12. I’ve just finished three cowl.- – – all the while de-stashing –
    I know I do have leftovers of DK weight yarn
    So I’ve printed out this good looking cowl’s pattern and will go shopping through my stash.
    Your pattern and yarn choice is so lovely I hope I can do it justice .
    thanks so much for your generosity