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Magnolia Maluka


Sometimes, you meet a yarn so lovely that it simply has to come home with you.  It has to be knitted immediately.  Without hesitation.  Without distraction.

I found such a yarn recently.

It’s called Silk Merino Luxury, in the Magnolia colourway.  Don’t you think this yarn is coloured just like the beautiful magnolia blossom?  On screen, I found it mouth-watering, and of course, it had to be mine!

I’m so pleased that Spinning a Yarn is producing a fingering weight in addition to her normal 2 ply laceweight.  I’m not much fond of laceweight, but fingering is another matter!

When this luscious silk/merino yarn arrived in my letterbox, it was even more beautiful than I expected.  It told me it needed to be a shawl and refused to be put away into my stash.  But which One??  So many shawl patterns to choose from!

I spent quite a bit of time on Ravelry perusing all the options.  The requirement was that I had to be able to knit it from one 400m skein of yarn.  I wanted lace, but not too much lace (because I’m not that great a lace knitter yet and I really don’t want another fail on my hands). And it definitely, absolutely, could not have too much garter stitch (because I’m one of those people who isn’t fond of garter stitch).

Then I found this.  And really, how could I not begin right away??

It almost makes me weep.  The perfect match of pattern and yarn.

The pattern is easily memorised, and it’s quite addictive to knit with each 12 row repeat taking only about five minutes.

I like the fact that you knit the border first – this means I can work out whether the length is what I want before I start the stocking stitch inner body.  As the original pattern only calls for 200m+, and I have 400m, it means I have plenty of yarn to play with to make the shawl bigger if I need to (within reason).

And now, if you will excuse me, I think I need to pay attention to a certain lace confection…


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12 thoughts on “Magnolia Maluka

  1. OK I just died a little!! Gorgeous colourway and your photo of the Magnolia’s is just beautiful. Cant wait to see your finished shawl. I have just been playing with some merino/silk too and have fallen in love with the combination and the way the colours just cling to the silk. I was thinking I will have to get some more and then this popped into my mailbox…..its just divine isn’t it! I am doing the Ironwork shawl in the Spring Interweave Knits, it has the seafoam stitch which just called out for the silk as it slips. I’d better do a blog about it 🙂

    • Yes please! I’d like to see that. I think merino/silk is a beautiful combination of fibres for something like a shawl. The way it slips (as you so rightly put it) and drapes is perfect.

  2. It matches perfectly. You sure have a knack for finding yarns that match bits of nature.

  3. Wonderful colours. Xx

  4. Gorgeous color! That sounds like it is a dream and the pattern looks adorable! I hope it turns out well for you and the whole project is a joy from start to finish 🙂

  5. I’ve admire the Maluka for quite some time and in this yarn and in this color … splendid!!!!

  6. Good luck! I’m sure that pattern will look great with that fantastic yarn.

  7. This beautiful yarn also reminds me of Raspberries and Whipped Cream as well as Magnolias. It certainly wasn’t a yarn to resist and your shawl is really going to such a beauty when you finish it and you will just love wearing it i know. 🙂

  8. I totally agree with Audrey..
    The yarn looks a beauty itself; surely it will be great wearing a shawl of it !

  9. Looking forward to seeing the finished article. The colour is beautiful.

  10. I have made a number of shawls with Jessicah’s yarn and just love her work. She has such an eye for colour and the yarns she uses are always such a lovely quality, wear mine all the time. Am sure your shawl will be wonderful