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Bedford: Lift-off


I’m not sure whether I’ve dithered over the commencement of a project as much as I have over Bedford.

The final thing I did this week before I actually cast was to calculate the number of cast on stitches against my gauge to work out the measurements of the finished garment.  I suspect it’s just me, but I often get confused looking at the sizing stats on patterns, and have to make the calculation so that I’m sure about what finished size measurement I’m going to get.

It so happened that I quickly worked out from this exercise that the gauge that mattered was not the stocking stitch gauge, but the stitch pattern!  And guess who didn’t make her swatch big enough… One more swatch later, I was glad I had done it, as my gauge was smaller in the stitch pattern, which meant I needed to go up a pattern size to get the finished measurement I wanted.

At this point, Evelyn wrote to me about the faux seam but I have to say I didn’t have anything to add – I guess it’s just the design.  One could remove a purl stitch from the beginning of the round, which would even up the number of purl stitches in the seam I guess.  However, as she pointed out, it doesn’t really matter.  Have a look at her post to see what we were talking about.

I am enjoying knitting this gorgeous Corriedale yarn from Anna Gratton.  The stitch pattern is lovely, and the size is coming out exactly how I want it (oversize).

I’m also quite pleased that I have some beautiful New Zealand wool on my needles for the commencement of Wool Week.

Here it is, enjoying the last rays of this evening’s sunset.

The sun was a very welcome thing today.  We had a storm pass over New Zealand this weekend:  rain, wind (lots of wind), rain, more wind. It must have snowed in the South Island (did it?),  because today’s southerly wind was very chilly indeed!! I was very glad of my nice warm alpaca hoodie and possum cowl this morning at the market! Too bad Bedford wasn’t finished in time for me to wear it.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Bedford: Lift-off

  1. Wow, that Bedford sure is becoming a beauty !
    And it is not just you.. actually, stupidly I had never thought of calculating the number of cast on against my swatch, but I do have noticed that ‘size M’ or ‘size 38’ apparently isn’t such a fixed measurement as it suggests….

  2. That sweater is going to be gorgeous and what a beauty to kick of Wool Week! It was even cold here yesterday, I had to get the doona back out of the cupboard for the night?

  3. It looks beautiful so far….the yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. The stitch pattern on Beford looks familiar – is it twisted traveling or cable? Just took the Danish Traveling Stitches class by Carol Rhoades at Nordic Knitting Conference and the stitch is similar. Does it have a name?

    • Lucky you!! I should like to go to something like that one day. The stitch pattern is just the right twist with a purl in between the twists and a couple of repeat rows of ribbing. (Knit into the second stitch on the left, don’t remove from needle, knit into the first and then slip both stitches off the needle).

  5. Oh – I’m loveing your Bedford!!! I’ve had the pattern for a long time and actually have yarn for it. Some other project always seems to be getting in the way. I can’t wait to see your FO and get some inspiration! Maybe it will be my next project.

  6. This looks great so far and it looks as though it will be really warm.

  7. Great yarn – shows the stitch definition beautifully! I know you don’t have a smart phone – yet – but my app would take care of all those pesky calculations for you! :). I just picked up 2 copies of a pattern in San Francisco that I will mail you tomorrow. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

  8. Looking good! That texture stitch looks like it’s going to be deliciously cosy. Hope your weather is picking up. I love the cold, although I’m not sure I’d like it quite so much if I didn’t have so many woolly knits to bundle up in!

  9. All your woolies look so inviting. But shouldn’t you be heading towards warmer weather?

    • It doesn’t get truly warm in Wellington until after Christmas. Plenty of time to wear woollies yet. And then it gets cool enough to wear them again by April, so why not just keep knitting the woollies!?? 😉