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Just keep knitting


The last few weeks have been intense.  Exceptionally busy at work, and suddenly out of the blue, quite social.  I’m normally a hermit, so to find myself having dinner with friends and family twice in a week was a bit of a shock to the system!

Work also presented an overload of personal stress, so this weekend I found me more or less immobile.  Just too tired to do anything.  Despite the normal state of household disarray after a busy week, I could not muster the energy to do anything at all about it.  I had just enough energy to feed the kids, sit up and knit, and get to the market so we won’t starve.  I guess we all have times like this.  I’m putting myself on a regime of vit B supplements and early to bed this week, so hopefully I’ll be back to bouncy by next weekend!

So here’s the current state of Bedford:

At the beginning of this week, there were unrealistic expectations that I would be binding this off today.  Haha.  However, all going well, it should be finished in time to welcome in Wovember!

I’m extremely happy with how Bedford is turning out.  Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Co. pure NZ wool naturals (100% natural corriedale wool grown only two hours’ drive from where I live) is looking exactly how I want it, the exact right yarn choice to match the original Brooklyn Tweed Shelter this pattern is presented in.

Overall, it’s a very straightforward knit.  Like Evelyn, I noted the mutterings on the notes of others on Ravelry about the decreases for the sleeves, but in my version it all appears to be working out fine and noting the number of rows I have left, it should work out.  I’m not entirely sure about how I’ve executed the decreases – I probably reversed the order of SSKs and K2togs, knowing the state of my brain at the moment.  It will be fine, even if I have.

I did knit the sleeves flat up to the point they are joined on to the body, because I cannot bear to work sleeves in circular needles, and I did not have any 5mm DPN needles (and could not be bothered to rush out to buy more and delay the knitting of the sleeves while I found the time to do that).  Besides, knitting flat is the fastest way for me. 🙂

I’ll leave you with pictures of some recent acquisitions that I’m rather happy with:

Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn in Odelay

Merino, silk, nylon sock yarn, Happy Go Knitty

100% NZ merino sock yarn in Cromwell by Verandah yarns

I hear there’s some nasty weather headed towards the East Coast of the US.  I am thinking of you – hope it isn’t as bad as the forecasters predict!


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13 thoughts on “Just keep knitting

  1. It’s looking good..I love the look of the stitch in the body…pretty, pretty yarns!

  2. Goodness that Bedford is looking gorgeous! Of couse I love all the new yarns-they are drool-worthy.

    • I’m at the stage where I slip my arms through the sleeves and ask why it hasn’t had the decency to be finished yet!??? It is very inviting looking to put on and wear! Glad you like the yarns too. 🙂

  3. It’s looking great! I totally agree with you about the sleeves thing- it would be so much easier to knit them in the round, but then you have to deal with dpn’s (which I undoubtedly lose) and it just takes longer. Ergh.

  4. Your Bedford looks smashing ! ( and as if it wants to enter my to-knit-list, hehe.. )
    I hope you’ll soon feel your old self again.. Maybe that gorgeous yarn is a little help there.. ? 😉

    • I hope so too. I can’t believe I’m still tired after another good night’s sleep. I must have a wee virus. Pretty new yarn is always nice to squoosh and appreciate. 🙂

  5. That sweater is looking good so far! Hopefully this next week will be easier for you and you’ll have a chance to breathe and bind-off. Thanks for the positive thoughts regarding Frankenstorm!

  6. Having no energy is really tough. It really cuts into one’s knitting time. Although it looks like you have made some progress anyways.
    (And thank goodness I live on the West Coast. It’s been nice and sunny. Although I am looking forward to seeing some sweater weather.)

  7. i join you in thinking of the Americans in line for this storm, keep safe.
    Firstly knitting-wise, the Bedford is looking lush and absolutely delish. the yarn looks as lovely in your photo as you describe it Kiwiyarns. Yes it is frustrating when your body lets you down, but this will be a small blimp, and you will [knowing your clever fingers] finish this before you know it. Secondly, just love your new yarns….so beautiful, the colours are marvellous and just “zing” to me.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the finished Bedford. Love the Cromwell sock yarn and hope you get your energy back soon.

  9. this sweater is gonna be awesome, and the new yarns are yummy