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Watermelon striped sock joy


I’ve been a busy bee knitting this week.  Aren’t these the funnest socks ever!??

I’m really happy about getting the stripes to match perfectly.

They’re not for me.  Someone else decided to claim them, and I decided to be a generous mummy and let her have them… they’re just a tiny bit too small for me as I made them for her.  So I can’t claim them even though I think they’re probably the coolest socks I’ve knitted so far…  🙂

If you want some of these pretties for yourself, you can get the yarn here.

Yarn:  Happy-go-knitty 100% BFL self-striping sock yarn

Pattern:  The usual sock recipe from the Yarn Harlot’s book “Knitting Rules”.

Needles:  2mm (They could have been 2.25mm, I just decided to be perverse).

The self-striping effect is totally addictive.  Helene has decided to be even more awesomely amazing and is now doing a random thickness self-striping yarn!

I think I need some.


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18 thoughts on “Watermelon striped sock joy

  1. Wow!! They really look amazing. I’d love to know how they manage to dye it so that the stripes are so even. It really must be an art. (As is knitting on a 2mm needle!!)

    Hope everything is good with you.


  2. The socks and the yarn are both fantastic! I might need to get some and try my hand at sock making.

  3. So gorgeous! I think I’m in sock love!

  4. A non-knitter would never understand how excellent it is you got the stripes to match. They look great. And I have a deep respect for your knitting skills.

  5. No wonder your daughter claimed them! The stripes are perfect and the colors are irresistible. You did a great job. 2 mm needles… I have used them only once. Does it pays out? Is the fabric that much stronger?

  6. So, so pretty! I love self-striping yarn. Seeing the next color change keeps me motivated.

  7. Those socks are delicious indeed!

  8. Pretty colours! Can’t wait to see what shades you snag for yourself!

  9. Terrific watermelon socks. It’s such a compliment when the daughter covets a freshly made item and ends up stealing it.

  10. Wow……love them! the colours and the stripes are fabulous. My granddaughter is heavily into legwarmers and this watermelon would be perfect. I will need to hunt out a pattern then visit Helena and buy some. Gifts are great, we feel so good and dare i say a tinsy-winsy bit virtuous as our fingers fly and of course we “never” knit anything we personally dislike, but sometimes…….just sometimes……..parting with a knitted gift has a tinge of regret added into the stitches……because “we” have ended up falling in love with the garment we knitted with such love ….for another….sigh!! I recently purchased some of Helene’s wonderful odd stripes merino/silk/nylon in emerald/teal greens and a rich cerise/hot pink and its for me this time, but not socks, a cowl. Now I am going to have to make a pattern so I can keep the stripes. So, as research please, two questions!! How did you match your stripes…….is it by starting each ball at exactly the same sequence in the colour placement and secondly in your socks, at the very, very widest point, be it foot or leg, what is the maximum number of stitches on your needles please??? Enjoy choosing the colour of your new odd stripes and also between merino or the merino silk mix. Takes ages to narrow it down sometimes, but mine jumped out and said “me……me” and it was no contest. Helene is so very clever 🙂

  11. Still don’t understand how self striping process works but very cool!

  12. lovely socks I’m sure the recipient will be delighted

  13. This yarn is going on my yarn-y goodness wishlist.
    Those socks are sooo pretty they make me want to knot up a pair or three.

  14. Those are fun! Very cool that you got the stripes to line up.