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For the past six months (or more), I have been casting on new projects with abandon in a chaotic free-for-all.  Remember this picture?

That was my knitting chair.

Something has happened.  I now feel a compulsion to finish ALL my UFOs before I start anything new!  (With the possible exception of new socks).  The compulsion has extended to a compulsion to return to my formerly orderly state.  I can’t quite understand it, but I’m going to go with the flow…

Look at the same chair now:

This is a much better state of affairs, and much more to my liking!

All my yarn has been tidied nicely into a basket, and all the yarn I had lying around with a ‘want to knit’ label is now put away until it’s actually being used.  I have now reduced by UFO list to only five projects!  (That’s Benbecula, the Sidelines Top, the Diminishing Rib Cardigan, a design in progress, and a freeform lap blanket).  I don’t count the socks.  Let us see how long this lasts.  Most of the projects are more than 50% complete, so if I continue in the vein of virtuous knitting, I should be able to get something off the needles every week at this rate!

Even the arrival of a rather lovely lot of yarn (Happy Birthday to me) has failed to ignite the desire for a pretty new project:

It’s rather nice though.

New year, new me, perhaps?


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27 thoughts on “Finish-it-up-itis

  1. I’ve managed to prune my projects to 2 ( or 3) at a time. That doesnt stop the dreaded startitis hounding me – swatches don’t count do they?

    Gorgeous felted merino – what weight is it? An Old Town by Carole Sunday perhaps. Or a Twist by Bonnie Marie Burns?
    Theres a nice new jacket on the cover of the winter issue of Interweave knits.

    • Oooh! Twist looks very nice! It’s actually very like October Frost by Lisa Lloyd, which I’m also eyeing up. I like the hood on Twist though. I will wait patiently by my mailbox for the winter Interweave…

      The yarn is a DK/light worsted weight. I need to do some swatching to see what it will be good for!

  2. Bravo and congrats!

    Now if only I could escape my bout of startitis long enough to finish my Cria cardie. The lovely green skein of Little Wool Co yarn in your photo reminded me of it – I’m using the same yarn I think (4ply in ‘Lime’)…

  3. Love you idea, keep it up.Go for it girl.x

  4. It seems very familiar 😉

  5. Oh, I could do with some of that ‘virus’ .. 😉
    Maybe I should try and speed up my knitting somewhat… ( it might help if I’d quit watching stupid tv programs whilst knitting.. though I admit it is very comfy… the more with oldies like the X-files… 😛 )

  6. Happy birthday!!!
    Please pass me this finish-it-up-itis virus, I need it badly 🙂
    The only reason I don’t cast on more project is that most of my fav needles are occupied…

  7. Good luck! Take advantage of your mood before it goes away. I just hope I can get all of my presents done in time!

  8. And here was I thinking that this must be a seasonal thing, but you are in the opposite season to me. I am totally into finishing all the things. So much so that I have been a bit monogamous in my knitting to make sure I don’t have stuff lying around. I guess it is just the usual ebb and flow of life eh? Loving the order, I am so much more creative when things are tidy…. Pity I don’t have a cleaner…. And that grey, oh so lovely! Must be a Scorpio thing? I am feeling like a spot of birthday grey too 🙂

    • It’s a funny thing how a mood can sweep the world. There’s obviously a lot more happening in the ether than we are conscious of. Happy Birthday to you too. 🙂

  9. Here too, happily finishing away. I have visions of a December full of festivity and beautiful knits that haven’t been hanging around for months waiting to be cast off. 8 shawl ends to weave in and 0.75 of a sock to go….

  10. I actually managed to finish my few knitting projects and felt rather virtuous but somewhat bereft as I no longer had a knitting project needing my attention. That lasted for all of two days. I am now on the go again with a new project and more wool that requires my attention.

  11. Yeah…where can I pick up that virus? Sounds useful.

  12. Good on you! I feel the need to finish all my active projects before the end of the year for some reason . . . . . . I’m not sure how that’s going to go with my gift making but I’ll give it a go.

  13. I love the feeling of wanting to finish projects. I’ve actually started to outpace myself with more projects finished than started. I cant wait to see what starts to fly off of your needles.

  14. I wish I got struck by that particular -itis more often!

  15. I can’t wait to see more of the evolutions of your UFOs. So wonderful how you’re inspired to work and to finish them.
    That is lovely grey yarn! Good for you on treating yourself. Why rush to make it into something? Savor it a bit more yeah?

  16. I’m sitting looking at 3 cardigans that need blocking, sewing up and doing bands.I’m never sure the best way to block. 2 have pickup stitches bands another job I don’t particularly enjoy. I’ve actually sewn lots and lots of ends in! Keep thinking Summers coming I wont need these yet. I think you’ve given me the insentive to carry on so I’ll just take a deep breath and get on. Like your felted tweed.

    • Go you! Bands are not my favourite either. I just soak and then pat into shape on a towel for blocking (unless it’s lace, and then you have to do that pinning thing).

  17. I’m so guilty of leaving projects around 95% done! It’s just so easy to cast on something nice and shiny new instead of finishing things off!

    Oh, and belated happy birthday too!

  18. this is a good resolution! Sometimes I do it too, but indulge myself by casting on a new project for every 3 FO it makes things even more motivating