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Hobbit talk


Just a quick pop in to share a new link with you today from one of my favourite New Zealand wool (and yarn) producers.

This is Stansborough’s facebook page, and a great way to find out what happening in Wellington this week with the launch of the Hobbit, including an artisan market that starts today!  It looks amazing! Must go.

I’m so pleased to see they’ve been involved in producing more of their beautiful woollen fabrics for this new movie.


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4 thoughts on “Hobbit talk

  1. I wish I could go! That looks fabulous.

  2. Seems like I’m living on the wrong side of the planet just now…. 😉
    Have fun !

  3. my partner and daughter went to the artisan market yesterday. and they came home with a small knife with her name on the blade plus an intricately screen printed tunic-length t-shirt for me. Sounds like it was packed

    • It was totally packed. I tried to go today but couldn’t bear the crush and left, very rapidly. They should have placed the tents a bit further apart. I’m glad your family got to actually see what was on offer!