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Wool appreciation day


There’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy to cheer up the day.  Yum, yum, yum!!  DK weight, natural dark grey/brown Romney lambswool.

It smells divinely sheepy, scents the hands with lanolin goodness.  From what I can see of it, it’s woollen spun, 2 ply.

It’s not soft, nor is it incredibly coarse.  It will make a lovely outwear garment that will last me forever.  Something deliciously cabled perhaps?

It from Hallblacks.

Must go and swatch…


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14 thoughts on “Wool appreciation day

  1. Pure, simple, wonderful, wooly goodness! Looks like the yarn in your mitten on your blog banner. Enjoy!

  2. Reading this early on a dark November morning, my day is brighter already. Thank you! That yarn is beautiful. I agree that cables are the way to go, or perhaps something by Kate Davies, though you might need another colour.

  3. i feel warmer just looking at these photos. thanks for the share!

  4. Oh, it is screaming for cables, the wooly siren.

  5. Looks like cables to me 🙂

  6. Yarn shopping always brightens the day. Love the wool you came home with!

  7. Oh gosh. Seeing that skein makes me wish I could cast on using that lovely sheepy skein you sent me. I just have to get some knit presents out of the way first.

  8. It’s a gorgeous colour!

  9. Oh my, lanolin-smelling wool – heavenly! 🙂

  10. This yarn has a wonderful, rustic appeal. It would be fabulous in a cabled pattern. Good call.

  11. Beautiful! I, too, think it’s screaming for cables. I think my next project will be with cables. Sorry to hear about the (un) neighborly problems. It does affect one, doesn’t it? Hope you get it resolved. Keep knitting – that will help! 🙂

  12. this is calling for cables for sure!