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I’m a happy person this week because my darling daughter is back in the country.  It is so nice to have her around again.  🙂


So far we haven’t done much because I had to finish the last two days at work, but now that I’m properly on vacation, the fun times start!  Yesterday before work, we baked my favourite orange muffins with cream cheese centre (she got up with the birds because she’s still jet-lagged).  It was lovely to chat and have girlie catch-up times while the boys slumbered.  (Although she may be slightly mortified to think her old mum thought she was ‘hanging out’ with a hip teenager… ;P)

She likes the socks, and I got the size right!

When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, there may have been some squealing at the discovery that my Christmas treat to me had arrived:


There was a 30 second internal debate about putting it under the tree for Christmas day, but on reflection I decided that it would be far better to digest it now.  😀  There’s too much distraction/activity on Christmas Day to properly appreciate one’s gifts anyway, and besides, the content looked far too exciting!  My favourites so far:

Barnwood Pullover by Grace Anna Farrow.  I’m not familiar with this designer, but her sweater is exactly what I’m looking for to go with my lovely marled alpaca yarn.  I’m very much the “over-sized relaxed fit” sweater girl, so this is just the right shape.  I’m going to modify the stitch pattern, and use DK weight yarn instead of worsted, but the basic instructions will be handy for the shape and fit I want.

Market jacket by Tanis Gray.  It has the perfect amount of cabling and it looks smart but casual.  I might lengthen the sleeves though.

Cobblestone Trenchcoat by Veera Valimaki.  I’ve admired this on Ravelry, so was very pleased to find that November Knits was the book the pattern came from!  I’m not sure I’ll knit it though.  There’s a dislike of short rows happening here, especially where sleeve caps are concerned.  Perhaps if I adapt it…

Trefoil Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston.  Just the right amount of fair isle!  Just the right shape!  And pockets!!  A little swatching may have already started…

I can’t believe it’s still a few days ’til Christmas!  Seems that if you are organised (and you keep it simple) that everything does fall into place after all.  The shopping and planning is done, and there’s nothing to do now by enjoy the days with the kids and relax.  Bliss!  I’m not quite sure what happened there.  One minute I was staring into a vortex of ‘nothing has been done yet’ and suddenly, it’s organised, sorted, done.  It’s quite gratifying.

The secret knitting actually got completed in time to send off.  I hope the recipient has received it, but I’m not sure.  So I’ll wait to know before I do the reveal of a new pattern.

I’ve started a new sock.


This is Shur’tugal, a free Alice Yu pattern.  It’s far easier than it looks, and I’m absolutely loving it.  In fact, it’s rather hard to put down.  Thanks Kb for the recommendation!

The yarn is the amazing, but now no longer Fibre Alive, which I hope James will one day rekindle.  In the meantime, I treasure every single precious skein of this gorgeous yarn and wish so much that I had been a little more ‘financial’ during the time he was in business so as to have been able to invest in more of it than I have (although it is 100% NZ merino, the tight twist has made it an incredibly durable yarn, which wears very well.  Not to mention his beautiful colourways.)


I could prattle on, but I think I have gone on long enough for today!

I hope all your preparations are going well for the turn of the year and the festive season, and that all is well where you are.

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19 thoughts on “Mellow

  1. I’m so glad for you S is back for Christmas. Hasn’t she blossomed since she’s been away. Must be our good old UK air!!! Have a wonderful time this Christmas. Jose is home Sunday for a few days. Xx

  2. My favourite is the Market Jacket.
    Have a wonderful holiday with your daughter at home and Merry Christmas.

  3. Look what you’ve done. That sock pattern is now in my queue.

    Too bad the yarn is no longer available. It’s quite pretty.

  4. Sounds like you will be having a lovely holiday – good to hear ! 🙂
    Think I should add the entire ‘November knits’ to my wishlist now though… hihi…

  5. How wonderful to have the family all around you for Christmas. I hope you have a lovely holiday and enjoy the festive season. I just have the groceries to get tomorrow and we are done. Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year. Maybe I will finish a pair of socks in 2013? 😉

    • A wonderful Christmas to you and you family too. All the best for a restful 2013 – hope it will be less frantic than it has been for you this year.

  6. Lucky you! I’ve had my eye on November Knits…. can’t wait to see what you get stuck into first 🙂 Have a happy holiday!

  7. what a happy family Christmas you will all have together, it sounds delightful and lovely to have your daughter home with you 🙂

  8. Thanks for posting those links, as I couldn’t tell what was in the book from looking at the Amazon entry. I like those last two best – I would love to do a Fair Isle cardigan and this one has great colours and not too much stranding – and the hooded coat looks really nice. Glad you hear you are all relaxed and enjoying having your family around you. Have a lovely Christmas!

  9. That pattern Shur’tugal is a really awesome pattern! the book that it comes from is Eragon, if you ever get a chance, you should read it 🙂

  10. The texture of the sock is very cool! Happy for you that you’re getting mum & daughter time. I especially like the Cobblestone Trench pattern.