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The dwarves wore knitting


We went to see The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey last night.  It was good.  You should go.  The audience actually clapped at the end.  I’m only bummed that I’m going to have to wait until 18 July 2014 to see the ending!

As you’ll probably have guessed, I was paying special attention to the costuming to see if I could see any knits in the movie.  I wasn’t disappointed!

If you haven’t already seen the movie, this is Ori, one of the dwarves.  He wears the most of any knitting that I saw.  Including this rather funny sort of knitted vest in the beginning scenes.  I guess in part it symbolises that he’s a “gentle” character.  At least two other dwarves wore knitted fingerless gloves, much like the ones Ori is wearing.

I did not notice this scarf in the movie.  Perhaps this scene is yet to come? However, my knitting brain is already set a-humming by its wonderful chunky texture!!

OriI’m sure you’ve already discovered the official website if you were looking for information about the movie, but if not, I’ve put in a link so you can have a look at some of the other amazing costumes.  The official Hobbit Blog also has other images to look at.

I also looked closely at Gandalf’s “magical” scarf (whether or not it is actually magical is not yet revealed).  The characteristically unique Stansborough weave in the scarf was very obvious, and the lustre of the wool provided a surprisingly strong contrast against the rest of Gandalf’s duller grey clothing.  I think the only thing I wasn’t so sure about in Gandalf’s costume were the fingerless gloves that he wore.  A little too ‘factory made look’ for authenticity I thought.

There’s an amazing the amount of clarity and detail captured in the 48-frames-per-second format.  You can see so much more than in a “normal” movie!  I liked it!  For me, the difference was most apparent in character close-ups.  It felt like I went right up to the character and was able study their look in great detail!

I won’t tell you any more about the actual movie as it will spoil the experience if you are planning to see it and haven’t already.  However, fans of The Lord of the Rings trilogy will not be disappointed – it is definitely slanted towards explaining more of the history of what went on before Frodo Baggins appeared on the scene.  Peter Jackson & co. have done well.


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14 thoughts on “The dwarves wore knitting

  1. I got to see it just the other day as well. (I wore my Smaug socks to the movie!) I think every time a knit showed up in the movie, I leaned over to my Mum and pointed it out. She is a very patient person.

  2. You are so knowledgeable about film. I love how all of us crafters notice the knits in a movie.

  3. I will have to wait to go and see it as I don’t think the boys are ready for it yet, I will look for Gandalf’s shawl as I am discovering weaving at the moment 🙂

  4. I have still not seen the Hobbit. Can’t wait to check it out and observe all the wonderful knits!

  5. Hi Sis you guys are lucky:) I want to see it in 48fps as well. I heard some people feel ill watching it in 48fps but i think it should be fine. I want to see Zero Dark Thirty too:)

    • I heard that too. Sylvia said she needed to keep looking away from the screen as it was a bit intense for her. I didn’t notice anything except for the very satisfactory ability to see everything in clear detail! Hope you get to see it soon.

  6. I, too, loved The Hobbit and noticed all the nice knitted garments! For some reason (probably the quick knitting), I’m into chunky knits this winter (3 Gaptastic Cowls and counting)! I don’t know if I saw it in 48fps – I didn’t really notice anything different. I think they did an excellent job (with flashbacks) of tying in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. ! Oh well, loved it all the same. Gosh – NZ looks SO amazingly beautiful! You’re lucky to live there amidst all that splendor. Kathy

  7. Reading your post made me laugh out loud … we, too, saw The Hobbit on Boxing Day and loved every moment. I, of course, thought of you (NZ) and also scoped out all the knitted goodies throughout the movie. Just imagine if we were together watching the film!! oxo

  8. Susan Pandorf (Sunflower Designs) has designed some wonderful LOTR knitting patterns: shawls, scarves, mitts, and hats. Check her out on Ravelry. You are in for a great surprise.

    Love reading your blog and learning more about Kiwi yarns. Thank you.


  9. I will need to check out the movie.