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Cuddly, cosy, warm


You remember how shortly before Christmas I received two beautiful hanks of yarn from Flagstaff Alpacas?

Flagstaff AlpacasI decided that such generosity required the receiver to give something back.

As Flagstaff Alpacas is owned by a man who does not knit, I decided that Andy (its owner) needed a keyhole scarf in mock brioche stitch.

Men's keyhole scarfKeyhole (in case you’re not familiar with the term) means that there’s a slit in the middle of the scarf, so you can thread one end through (as shown above).  This means the scarf won’t fall open or off your shoulders when you are wearing it.

Unfortunately, I have no modelled photos of this scarf as the large boy in the household refused to be cooperative, and I didn’t really think it appropriate to model this one myself before I packed it up and posted it off.  I hope Andy liked it.

My daughter saw the cuddly yarn and rather liked it.  She also saw the photos of the scarf and rather liked the look of it.  I decided to knit something for her using the white/white/black marled alpaca/merino blend yarn.

White/white/black marled alpaca/merino

This hank arrived in my order of yarn from Flagstaff Alpacas.

Mock brioche infinity cowlIt’s an infinity cowl in mock brioche stitch.  She loves it, and I hope it keeps her warm and comfortable in the cold English winter she’s going back to.

DSC08045 - Copy

Both scarf and cowl only need one hank of yarn each, and I’ll be putting the pattern together for them soon.

Now I need to knit one for me!


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15 thoughts on “Cuddly, cosy, warm

  1. Lovely! Maybe Andy can send a photo of him modelling the scarf!

  2. Love the cowl, look forward to the pattern 🙂

  3. They are both gorgeous, how generous of you!

    This English winter is wet and windy at the moment, the cowl will do a great job keeping your girl toasty.

  4. How thoughtfull of you to knit Andy a scarf, and what a lovely one it is ! Surely he’ll like it.. 🙂
    The cowl looks great too, no wonder you need one of your own…

  5. You are such a thoughtful knitter! I bet Andy will be thrilled to receive his. As for your beautiful daughter … she looks so happy in her new cowl. You are a good mama! xo

  6. Love the cowl. I’m sure it will keep her really warm in the UK.

  7. Beautiful yarn and beautiful patterns. I bet Andy was well thrilled with his scarf 🙂

  8. That’s so thoughtful to send the scarf back to Andy. I’m from Ireland and the January is quite mild so far but things can change so quickly I guarantee your daughter will get plenty of use from her cowl.

    • I think so. She’s up in the North, and I am told it gets icy as well as snowy. She liked how she could wind the cowl round her head as well as her neck, so it would double as a hat and nose warmer.

  9. Those look quite cozy. I’m sure your daughter will really be enjoying it in England.

  10. That yarn is beautifully phenomenal! I spotted some two tone yarn by Misti Alpaca and this independent person. I need to take a ride to my LYS and to another as I have gift cards to spend. I am sure the owner loved his new scarf. That was such a sweet thing for you to do.

  11. Love it. Don’t tell your daughter – but it is soooooo mild here. I haven’t been wearing my scarves! Bring on the cold!!!!

  12. cute, and looks so cosy !!!