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The dream


I had the most vivid dream in ages last night.  So vivid, that I still remember it, at the end of a long, and tiring day.  I dreamed of yarn.  I went to visit a yarn company (name not to be mentioned because this is only a dream about that yarn company), and found to my utmost joy that they had released a range of new yarn… including self-striping sock yarn and gorgeous hanks of angora/wool blends in the most luscious colours.

I’ve never felt texture so vividly in a dream… the self-striping yarn was BFL, and came in many colours.  One ball had bold, vibrant greens and purples; another ball had deep pinks and blues.  There was yellow and green; orange and purple… loud statements of striping colour that looked and felt oh so real.  I held the balls in the my hands, unwound a length of yarn, admired the feel and look, and put at least two into my basket to go home and knit into socks!

Then I held in my hands large and generous hanks of angora/wool; woolly crispness blended with soft angora which imparted a halo to soft, muted shades of hand-dyed yarn.  Colours that complemented and blended into each other, like a Monet painting – peach and yellow and green; lavender and blues and cream.

It was extremely disappointing to wake up and find it was nothing but a dream.  😦


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8 thoughts on “The dream

  1. Dreams do come true though…..:-)

  2. Sounds like a heavenly dream 🙂

  3. I hope your dream will truly come true!!!!

  4. It sounds like you are reaching the final stages of yarn obsession: dreaming. I guess you’ll have to go buy some more yarn.

  5. Hope you let the yarn company know!

    • As dreams go, there’s always something surreal. In this instance, the company I dreamed of would never produce that yarn. However, I have made a pretty please request elsewhere… we’ll see what happens!!

  6. Wow! I love your dream detail and I can imagine your disappointment on waking up!

  7. That is some dream! Maybe a portent? I’m sure you’ll be somewhere buying heavenly yarn and feeling like you did in this dream.