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There’s nothing like an unpleasant deadline to bring out a rash of ‘must knit other stuff’ in me.

I have TWO jackets’ worth of this lovely stuff to knit and finish in the next four weeks:

MohairThe only thing is that mohair is not my favourite yarn.  Especially two jackets’ worth.  In plain stocking stitch with no interesting bits.  And zips.

This knitting is for my father and step-mother.  The jackets were asked for rather a long time ago… but I haven’t seen them since, so I haven’t knitted them.  And now they’re going to be here in a month’s time, and guess what someone needs to do!!?

Yesterday would have been a good time to start.  Instead I spent the day doing this:

Market jacket

This is the Market Jacket.  It’s an amazingly fast knit.  I might be able to finish this quickly and then get on with the jackets??


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25 thoughts on “Deadline

  1. I do like that pattern! Good luck.

  2. Guess the art of procrastination is universal …and I thought I was the master of it. But after reading this post I think I´ll humbly leave the spot for you *giggle*

  3. So you actually have three jackets to make in a month.

    That market jacket is quite lovely, but I think three jackets in a month is a little crazy.

  4. At least the other two sweaters will be easy knitting. Good luck!

  5. *tsk, tsk* Naughty knitter 😉 Good luck!

  6. Procrastinating knitting… by knitting! Only knitters would understand…

  7. Deadlines always bring out the start-itis in me too. It is a lovely jacket though!

  8. Beautiful pattern, that yarn is going to look fabulous with it. Good luck with deadlines, I always like to try to finish things on time :).

  9. Hi! I have some beautiful Anna Gratton mohair yarn & I’ve been trying to find the perfect cardigan pattern to match it for ages. I always love the things that you post on your blog, do you have any suggestions for a lovely (interesting!) mohair cardigan pattern? It’s 12 ply yarn, deep purple with a bit of a sparkle. I’ve tried ravelry but nothing has jumped out at me…

    • Funny you ask that. I was looking at this (Vision Coat) last night. I really like the style. Not sure if it’s what you were after? It would be perfect in Anna’s mohair though.

      • Thanks! The Vision coat is definitely along the lines of my imagined pattern, not sure whether I’d do the longer back or even it out. And I’d use lots of odd buttons!

      • The vision coat is one I eye all the time. I used to have a cardigan just like that, but in stocking stitch, and fingering weight (bought in the days before I rediscovered knitting). It was very flattering, and I definitely want to do another one in that shape one day. Odd buttons sound great!

  10. Mohair, scratchy and makes me sneeze! Perhaps you could feign a new allergy to mohair and beg them to choose another fibre? At least it buys you some time! Love the Market Jacket….

    • Mohair, so very fluffy, it gets in my eyes and I can’t see the damn stitches! Who likes this stuff!? I’m seriously considering buying them jackets…

  11. I was given six skeins (240 grams) of Columbia-Minerva mohair — not kid mohair, unfortunately, but the scratchy kind, and I’m truly at a loss as to what to do with it. To make matters worse, it’s a pink colourway, which I think somewhat limits the type of project. I might find some good ideas on Ravelry, but I fear my enthusiasm is somewhat lacking. Fortunately, unlike you, I’ve not been asked to knit something with it. Good luck with this next month’s challenge!

    I love your site, which I found by accident. New Zealand is one of my favorite places — no, my absolute favorite place. I was a stewardess for Pan Am for 14 years, and I bid the Auckland trip whenever possible. Lovely country, lovely people, and lovely yarn. I returned last January and spent 11 days on the North and South Island, and brought some possum yarn home with me. I would knit exclusively with possum/merino if I could. Unfortunately, my stash dictates otherwise.

  12. I love the Market Jacket! Good luck with the other jackets.

  13. Those jackets were commissioned when I was still there!!

  14. Your market jacket is going to be gorgeous. I really feel for you with the two sweater thing… I can always see better things to be getting on with when faced with a must do it knit!

  15. Mohair for jackets? I feel like it would constantly get snagged on something? Especially if it has to be zipped?