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Celestarium in Moontide


When Audry released Celestarium I knew I had to knit it.  What an original concept, and what a clever design!

I love the night sky.  I love sitting out under the stars at night, looking for the constellations, allowing my mind to reach into space.  You appreciate a star-spangled sky so much more after years of not being able to see it over the big city lights.

The question of ‘which yarn’ to use for this amazing project quickly arose.  Nothing in my stash quite fit the bill.  In addition to the pattern’s yarn specifications, my requirements were:

  • It had to be night coloured, of the right shade to my mind’s eye.
  • It had to be New Zealand yarn (of course).
  • It had to be suitable for a shawl, which meant drape and softness.

I scoped out my favourite New Zealand yarns, and thought about colour ranges in those yarns.  I really wanted a hand-dye, I decided.  Something semi-solid, but with enough variegation to match the tones of the night sky.

As it happened, I had to opportunity to talk to Doe Arnot, who is Flagstaff Alpacas’ “partner in crime” in the yarn design and colour department.  I thought I’d take the chance to describe what I was looking for and asked if she might have something in stock that fit the bill (Doe often has hand-dyed colours in her store that are not on the Flagstaff Alpacas website).  To my surprise, she very kindly offered to dye the colour for me!

Doe went to quite a lot of care to get the colour just right.  She used several layers of dye, each a different shade of night, to achieve the shading I was after.

It arrived in my mailbox this week.  She’s aptly named it Moontide.

I wanted to see how this yarn compared to the real night sky.  The night was a very warm night, so I sat with the door open watching the sun set, and dusk slowly settle into a star-spangled night sky, while the moon tinged it the deepest velvety purple.

It’s perfect.


The base is 100% New Zealand alpaca in fingering weight, from Flagstaff Alpacas.

Doe loved the colour herself too, so she’s decided to make it a repeatable dye lot.  If you want some too, you can order it from her here. Leave her a message about “Moontide” and she’ll get back to you.

So pretty!  I can’t stop looking at it.  It will be on my needles as soon as those jackets are done!


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24 thoughts on “Celestarium in Moontide

  1. Gorgeous pattern and lovely yarn!

  2. Chatting to the dyer and getting something custom made?! OMG this is awesome!!! Enjoy it – the colour is divine and the pattern will look fantastic.

  3. What beautiful yarn, and such a lovely pattern!

  4. perfection! The yarn will look more than beautiful knit up into that gorgeous shawl!

  5. Love that color! So deep and lovely!

  6. I love the new yarn. Great colour!

  7. That’s lovely! can’t wait to see it! and I totally agree about looking up at the stars.

  8. Your new yarn acquisition is perfect in so many ways. I’m really looking forward to seeing your Celestarium in progress and finished!

  9. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! The yarn is just gorgeous, and the shawl will look amazing! Would love to get some of that yarn myself, but sadly, it will have to wait…

  10. Wow, that’s an incredible garment, and I LOVE your choice of yarn for it!!

  11. Good luck! I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  12. What a beautiful colour! Can’t wait to see the finished shawl!

  13. The concept of this shawl is so amazing. My 8 year old is learning about space right now. We visited our local Academy of Sciences and saw a Planetarium show about the planets. I can’t wait to see more of this project’s progress.

  14. YAYYYY. great yarn tip for finding NZ yarn…and i love that color!!!!

    • Glad you found that useful. 🙂 I see you’re keen to find NZ yarns that are not in the yarn stores. If you have a look at my pages (possum, alpaca, etc) you’ll find a few other sources of (online) NZ yarns as well.

  15. Wow… awesome !
    So how hard is it to get anything else done now instead of spending time with Moontide and Celestarium… ? 😉

  16. Lovely colour! Are you going to knit the northern skies, or wait for the southern sky pattern?

    • I’m actually planning on doing both! One might end up being a gift. Yarn for the southern skies is already targeted. I just need to see if I can get it now!

  17. I’m so honored that you want to make this shawl! I thought for sure that you would just wait for the second one.

  18. This color is going to be gorgeous with Audry’s pattern!

  19. ahhhh well. I love your yarn choice and pattern choice. I had to order the same yarn from Doe so I’m anxiously perstering the mail person daily. I love the color.

  20. What a pretty shawl and how lovley to have the yarn dyed just for that, it will be perfect