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Turns out you guys are really good advisers.  Thanks so much for all your helpful comments on the mohair dilemma over the past week!

In the end, I sent a note to my dad and told him about the issue of eye irritation and difficulty with knitting the yarn, and my step-mother (who does not read English and therefore needed his translation) was happy to agree to a change in yarn.  I think they’ll like the alternative better anyway.

Supreme possum merino

More deliciously warm, soft and cuddly Supreme Possum Merino.  In the colours of their choice (there’s a similar quantity in black that I haven’t shown you).  Thanks so much to Pam of Supreme who recognises urgent need and for getting it to me so quickly!

I knitted very fast this weekend.

Market Jacket

The Market Jacket is done.  I just need to add the buttons as it wasn’t completely dry when I took this pic.  The yarn is a slightly darker green that what you see in the pictures.  It’s quite hard to photograph!


Ravelled here if you want to see knitting notes.

I’ve been feeling guilty about this cardigan.  It’s that time of year when I feel the need to dress my family in preparation for winter, and this cardigan, even though it is gorgeous, and I want it and I cannot say how much I love it every time I look at it, is the exact right size for someone else in my family.  So it’s going to be gifted, because I owe her.  Which makes me feel even better about it than owning it myself.  🙂  Plus, if I’m totally honest, I think it will suit her better than me.

Here’s another pic which shows up the softness quite well:


There’s enough of this totally gorgeous green left over for me to make a scarf, so I will be happy with that.  Besides, I have greedy plans for other knitwear for myself, and how many sweaters and cardigans does one person need!?

So… on to the two jackets!  In case you’re wondering which pattern, it’s this. A basic unisex jacket that will ‘go everywhere’, as requested.  It’s a slightly tighter gauge than the Market Jacket.  They’re meant to be proper jackets, so I figure the tighter gauge will make them extra weather-proof.

Wish me luck!


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10 thoughts on “Solution

  1. Glad to hear it worked out, and the pattern is a good basic one that will go with anything

  2. Oh that market jack it gorgeous. Truly. That first picture of it is tempting me to make it.

    And I’m glad you were able to choose a different yarn to knit with. What a relief.

  3. So good to hear that you are getting to knit the cardigans in the yarn you prefer. I think I would have had trouble completing garments if I didn’t like the wool.

  4. Beautiful!!!!

    You are a true artist and designer.

  5. Lovely girl to gift that beautiful Market jacket!! The new unisex jackets will be greatly appreciated by their recipients, more so with the wonderful yarn you will now be knitting them in. Though they are plain, I guess that means you will be able to zip through them at speed, letting the fingers do the work and allow the mind to cruise away “tripping the light fantastic” dreaming of the other winter knitwear ahead to planned for, patterns bought or chosen, yarn bought or chosen [from your stash] and then to be knitted with many, many hours of pleasure 🙂

    By the way, since i used the phrase and being older, Ii thought i should offer its meaning for you young ones, therefore I did a reference check and this came back, so it was almost more apt than I had imagined 🙂
    This apparently obscure expression originates from the works of John Milton. In the masque Comus, 1637, he used the lines:

    Come, knit hands, and beat the ground,
    In a light fantastic round.

  6. Oh I’m glad you sorted it out. The possum will be delicious.
    And, how many cardigans etc does one person need? A LOT!

  7. Lucky family members you have 🙂 The Market Jacket looks wonderful !
    Glad you were able to replace the mohair… probably quite the relief.. And I agree with Truly Myrtle, as I cannot imagine one ever has too many cardigans 🙂

  8. love how the market jacket looks. And while I have also been wondering just how many cardigans, vests and jumpers does one person need – I will knit more accessories for me!

  9. Hooray for you on getting these jackets done! They look great!

  10. lovely results beautiful work