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Delicious yarn


Just popping in quickly to share some lovely yarn finds of recent weeks.  These yarns had me at the word “go”:

This is a beautiful merino/silk fingering weight from Spinning a Yarn called Invisibility Cloak (ah, the knitting projects that this name inspires!)  My sons tell me it needs to be a shawl.  I don’t think I need convincing!  My only thought is perhaps I need two skeins?

Invisibility cloakThis yarn got me from the moment I saw its luscious colour:

Lowburn, Flagstaff Alpacas

This is Lowburn, another hand-dyed work of art from Doe Arnot, in Flagstaff Alpacas’ beautiful sock blend yarn (merino/alpaca/nylon).  I saw it a couple of weeks back, but resisted, thinking I’d be good… the week ticked by, the colour was like a siren-call in my head… it wouldn’t go away!  I caved.

I got enough to knit a shawl.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet… it might become socks! I just love the colour so much! 🙂  It’s the exact shade of New Zealand greenery.

Flagstaff Alpacas Lowburn

Now, if you are wanting some of this for yourself, I see it’s currently out of stock on the Flagstaff Alpacas’ website.  I know from personal experience though that Doe Arnot (the dyer of this yarn) is great at doing dye-to-order.  Just drop her a line at the email in the link I’ve provided to satisfy your own Lowburn craving!

This yarn came at a very good time today.  I’ve had a bit of a distressing morning dealing with the consequences of petrol thieves who siphoned my car last night.  The yarn has been a nice soother to the nerves!


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17 thoughts on “Delicious yarn

  1. how terrible that your car was vandalised and robbed of your petrol! How nice that you have beautiful yarn in that lush green to cheer you up!

    • Yes, the pretty green was most welcome! The car now sports a locked petrol tank and I’ll be getting the bung sealed by the garage come next week. Hopefully that will mean the petrol will be less accessible to those in a hurry!

  2. This is miserable news. I am glad your yarn was able to reduce some of your distress.
    I have been distracted by emptying out my old laptop before it died and setting up a new one. Then there has been the learning to operate new Windows and new software.
    BTW has Alice of Crochet with Raymond fame set up a new blog elsewhere please?
    I’ve lost 2 or 3 favourites lately……

    • Alice did start new blog, but it appears she’s ended that one too. I think she may have stopped blogging (sadly).

      This morning was horrible, but there were good things that came out of it too. I think it all evened out in the end. I have ended the afternoon feeling quite fortunate.

  3. You must have beaten me to the Lowburn.Its a lovely shade. I’ve been looking for a green I like for sometime but must finish my current projects first.When I went back to Flagstaff it was out of stock. I should stop dithering! So I bought the 8ply Marl to knit Bedford in while I wait so Lowburn to come back.

    • Ah yes, you have to be quick with the pretty colours! that was the thought going through my head all week.. if I don’t buy… will it still be there!?? At least they’re not as bad as the ones where you have to sit by the computer waiting for updates or else miss out (I’m afraid I just can’t be bothered with those). Hopefully there will have more Lowburn to buy soon!

  4. The invisibility cloak must become something pretty… it must…
    Or else the knitting thief fairy will come and steal it away from you come (your) winter time! x

  5. both beautiful yarns, the Lowburn reminds me of the lovely rich green of some fyberspates scrumptious merino and silk that I knitted up into a hat a couple of years ago. The colour is richer in real life than it appears on their website!

  6. I do love a good green yarn. Sounds like some well-needed stress relief for you!

  7. Sorry to here about your stolen fuel, not a great start to the day.
    Have added Lowburn to my dye list this week so more should be available soon.I love greens and they do sell well.

  8. That green is just beautiful. And I’m not usually drawn to green but it would be hard to get that colour out of your head.

  9. I suppose that gray yarn does look a bit like Harry’s invisibility cloak. Just needs a little magical sparkle.

  10. Beautiful yarn! Love how your sons were in your zone an suggested a shawl for the first one!