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I’ve had this Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight yarn in my stash for quite a long time.  Waiting for the right project.  I’ve blogged about it before when I thought I might have found the right thing for it.  I think I’ve finally (!?) found it.


For quite some time I have also been searching for a fair isle project that I’d love to wear.  That, combined with the classic feel and look of a traditional yarn like the Jamieson & Smith yarn merged into the perfect combination recently: Trefoil.

It has the perfect amount of fair isle – just around the yoke – so that I don’t get bored of all that stranding, and it’s a lovely design.

I started swatching before Christmas.


After I’d finished, I wasn’t sure if it was right. The middle section looked murky.  You can’t really see the flower pattern.  Frustratingly, I didn’t really have any other colours in my stash that were any better.  I didn’t really have anything similarly textured and shaded (ie tweed or heathered) to match nicely with it.

In the meantime, I had an interesting conversation with my daughter:

“Mother, you know that nice green cardigan you knitted in Heron for me?”

“Yes.  Why?”

“Well, people think it looks very nice on me.  And this colour you’re knitting here looks just like that colour, and I think that perhaps you need to knit that cardigan for me!”  (accompanied by puppy eyes)

Thinking fast…(damn, I want this cardigan!) “It’s itchy wool.  You won’t like it.”

Rapid fire response… “Well, how about knitting me one in Knitsch?”

One taken aback and slightly impressed mother at how quickly her daughter can counter-attack in knitting terms (quick thinking on her part to think of fingering weight yarn with all the right colours I can choose from and that isn’t itchy!):  “Hmm.  I suppose I could do that.”

So now it looks like I’ll have to knit two of these.  One for her, and one for me!

The project swatch then sat in my ‘think about’ basket for a couple of months.  If only I had more of that lovely Rowan Fine Tweed to play with!

Recently, I had the good fortune to engage in another happy yarn swap with Colette, and this is what I got:

Yarn swap

Hurrah!  Thank you Colette!

I started swatching…

Swatch one

Hmm. 3

Better, but still not right.

Much cursing and huffing later…


Ah, this one felt just right.  It gave me that happy “twang” in the belly when I saw it finished.  Do you get that when you know something’s just right?

The colours tone with each other perfectly.  I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture, but Askrigg, the deep blue, contains the same green and red flecks that are in both Wensley (the blue/green) and Settle (the plum).  Buckden forms the neutral background, and I repeated the J&S colour (FC62) through the centre.  They tie in perfectly.  Magic!

I finally remembered that fair isle colours work best if the colours are the same tone.  Silly me.

Let the knitting begin!


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17 thoughts on “Trefoil

  1. That is a really pretty cardigan! And seeing all your swatching is a good reminder to me not to always just rush in – some plans take time and patience to come to fruition…

    • Thank you! I think I have learned that lesson the hard way – and I wanted this cardigan to become something that I would love always.

  2. That will look really lovely. I like the colour choice.
    Bimbi x

  3. Love the colours. I am looking for a fair isle pattern and just the right colours too, but I have a bit of time up my sleeve, as I am planning it for a 12 month dl baby girl and she hasn’t been born yet :-).
    But the planning has started.

  4. They look really lovely. Let me know if you run out and need more xx

  5. That last swatch is beautiful. The colour blend is perfect. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  6. What a great sweater. I like your last swatch colour combination. Happy knitting!!

  7. Two cardigans? How do you keep getting roped into pairs of sweaters? At least it is yarn you like this time.

  8. Beautiful selection you have landed on there! And I’m sure that you’ve got equal amounts pride and annoyance at your daughter roping you into a 4ply cardi – what colours is she leaning towards?

  9. Looks smashing ! I can well see why you longed for autumn / winter… 😉

  10. I have my heart set on this one by Veronik Avery and I want to use the same colours. But I would prefer to use local yarns and there just isn’t the same range of colours available in the 4-ply.
    I also have an interesting article in The Knitter about how to work out what colours to use in fair isle work and the author doesn’t actually recommend that the colours are all the same tone. She reckons we should do a black and white photocopy of the existing colour combos and use that to ensure we get the right balance of light and dark tones.
    It’s probably going to be a really long time before I tackle that cardigan!

    • That’s a lovely cardigan. I have the same dilemma about NZ yarns, which is why I chose to knit Trefoil in Rowan. However, I am thinking that some Zealana Kauri 4 ply might actually be okay, so will think about this next. I think I have read the same article in the Knitter. I agree with the principle about light/dark. It’s just that in addition, I also found that finding colours with a similar base tone seems also be important. But that might just be my own taste coming through.

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  11. LOL, a child can know how to work it, yeah? You’re a lovely mum. Look at all that color!