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Joy is…


a finished pair of beautiful, hand-knit socks.

Naraganssett socksThese have got to be one of the prettiest pair of socks I’ve knitted so far.  The sea green colour of the yarn certainly does match the nautical theme of the pattern.  Thank you so much again, Kb, for the yarn.  🙂

The joy of knitting these, putting on the pretties, feeling twirly and happy in a pair of delicately patterned, cosy socks is pretty much up there in my version of ecstasy.

Socks againIn fact, I loved knitting them so much I might just have to knit another pair!

Pattern:  Narragansett Bay Socks by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn:  Beth by Violet Green

Ravelry notes page here.


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19 thoughts on “Joy is…

  1. Yum!! We are beginning to need those socks again as autumn creeps in. I have a knitting injury to my right wrist so the needles are silent right now. Not good timing at all. I am sewing instead.

  2. these are very pretty, and look so cosy, life is better with simple pleasures like that !!!

  3. They are indeed beautiful. I must get around to knitting myself a pair of socks.

  4. Oh……..they do look so absolutely wonderful…..and soft, even though it is only a photo….. and you will love them as it gets colder. 🙂

    • They are indeed soft. I’m sure I will love them. I was very unpleasantly surprised when it was too hot to keep wearing them after I finished them.

  5. Those look so cozy. I think I have some yarn close to that color hiding out somewhere. I think I’ll have to go stash diving again.

  6. Beautiful socks – the colour and stitch pattern go together so well.

  7. Ooh these are stunning! So pretty! I really must have a go at knitting socks!

  8. I’m wearing my most recent pair of hand knit socks today and my feet are incredibly happy! Your new pair looks just perfect … I don’t know how you can possible put shoes over them! ; )

  9. Just wanted to thank you so much for your much earlier posts reviewing Heron yarn, located by googling on yarn name & manufacturer, which I found really helpful. I fell in love with the “bottle green” shade in Romni Wools here in Toronto, and bought some – partly to sew up a chunky sweater I’ve made my husband in a similar pattern (sewing went well with no breakage, maybe because of the high ratio of merino to possum – I note your comments on possum yarn’s breakage for sewing), partly to make myself this, which I’ve been eyeing for some time:
    Like you, I got 18 x 24 on 5 mm needles, at least on the unwashed swatch, which is currently drying.

    • I’m so glad you found it useful. 🙂 Thanks so much for that link to Montparnasse too – it’s a gorgeous pattern! I might have to join you in knitting it..! Heron is a perfect choice for that pattern.

  10. These are excellence! Thhe yarn looks so smooshy.