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Dream come true


Do you remember a while ago I told you about a dream I had?

Well, I decided to make a ‘pretty please’ request to the lovely Helene Dehmer of Happy-go-knitty, and look what I got in the mail this week…

AgapanthusSelf-striping purple and green yarn.  It’s exactly the colour of the Agapanthus flower!  And pretty much the exact colour of my dream!!!

Of course, I couldn’t wait to try out my (literally) dream yarn:


It difficult to see in this photo, but the hand-dyed colouring gives the yarn an almost “coloured-in” look, as if one had taken a colouring pencil to paper and coloured in a picture of yarn, and then it magically came off the paper and became real yarn in your hands!  It adds even more to the unreal sensation of holding my dream in my hands..

Thank you so much Helene!  It’s kind of surreal to hold a dream… it will be even more amazing to wear it!


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17 thoughts on “Dream come true

  1. Gorgeous! Hope you’ll be keeping the finished project all for yourself!

  2. That is fabulous looking yarn….always love your post….but this yarn has me begging to have some also. LOve love green and purple together sooooo much. Enjoy…. I am in US so do not know how I might score some of this….help me out?

  3. You are right, Agapanthus and as well, I myself see a a sweet little purple Pansy peaking out of its green leaves at you as well. I want some too…… is fabulous, I really LOVE it!!! What a wonderful dream you had and what a magical sub- conscious you have to create this fabulous colour combination and Helene, you clever, clever woman to bring it to fruition with your magic potions!! What a team!!!!

    • Pansy too, yes! You know who to ask if you want some. 🙂 I knitted some more last night and it’s turning out so beautifully I almost wonder if I should change tack and turn them into gloves…

  4. I love that colour combo too. In fact right now I’m knitting with a green and purple variegated yarn (the greens are variegated but there’s just the one shade of purple) yarn, using it against a black background.

  5. Wow, that really is gorgeous !
    Saw those lovely bay socks, too… Guess you won’t be wearing shoes this winter ? 😉

  6. Lovely! I’ve recently tried out a bit of custom dyeing… oh la la 🙂

    • I admire your ability to turn your hand to so many things. I tried dyeing a couple of times. Once the yarn turned out beautifully, the second time was a disappointment. I think I prefer being able to buy exactly what I want (especially when we have such obliging dyers here in NZ!)

  7. What a perfect dream!!

  8. what great colors and a very nice dream, love your site.i am on it at least four hour a day,the bay socks are beautiful.

  9. That is so neat that you have a skein of yarn directly from your dream. And it really does look like Agapanthus. (We have some in our front yard.)

  10. This is great yarn. Self-striping is always fun to watch it work up.