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The lace “thing”


Must stop looking at lace shawl patterns on Ravelry… sooo pretty…


Must knit lace shawl…



Must.stop.getting.angry.with.self. (deep breath)

Why, oh why, is it so hard to break into lace? (sad sigh)

Let’s start again.  Small.

FrejaLovely Freja socks.  In beautiful Happy-go-knitty yarn.  A delightful sister act from the Dehmer sisters.

This is hopeful.  It “only” took me half a sock to finally get that this pattern is actually a simple lace design of very regular stitch pattern… ;P

I do not know what it is about lace.  I find it very difficult to get the ‘hang’ of it.  I know it’s simple.  I know the steps are logical.  But somehow, it takes me quite a few repeats to finally cement it in my brain!

I shall conquer lace yet!


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23 thoughts on “The lace “thing”

  1. Oh these are just beautiful! The colour, the lace … you’ve cracked it, no?!

    • For these socks, yes. Very happy that I’m now knitting it without having to refer to the pattern. I can only hope that this is the start of a new relationship with lace.

  2. Me too! A simple YO K2tbl repeated across an ever increasing row is sending me postal. And that’s in fingering, heaven help me when I finally cast something on in laceweight. Beautiful sock!

  3. It takes me a while to get a lace pattern down, usually a full sock and then I’m good for the second one. it is worth it though!

  4. I have come to the conclusion that lace is lovely – for other people! I get so frustrated with it that I decided I just won’t do it now. It’s not particularly my thing even when finished and there is sooooo much other stuff to try. So, don’t stress.

    Bimbi x

    • I can agree with that. I’m just one of those people who love to climb ‘mountains’ and lace is my Mt. Everest – I guess it will take a while to get there. 🙂

  5. Beauuutiful colour and also a beautiful pattern!! Love them. I must stop being scared of socks and have a proper go!!
    Lace. It is very tricky I am the first to admit. I am best following a written pattern where i recite it as I go till it is tattooed [or something] into my brain cells and now I live alone it doesn’t even have to be under my breath. Works for me!! Charted lace………oh dear oh dear oh dear. Can’t master it……..yet!!! I write the chart out teach my brain out loud, stitch by stitch, row by row and then I am away. My brain simply REFUSES to recognise the symbols for some reason. Also, till that pattern is tattooed in on the brain cells do not expect to be speedy…….not yet. Speed can unhinge the process of remembering it for me. Slow and sure, loving each block of pattern rows that appear, chanting away…….oops, getting carried away and repeating myself!! LOL
    I think knitting small lace projects will get your confidence back and do try not to decide to knit too complicated a pattern till you have mastered being in the lace mode. Simpler and recognisable repeats get you going and the socks here prove that you are indeed on the way. Huge long patterns 24 + rows are best left alone for now.
    You will get there, you are a wonderful knitter and this is just a small speed bump in your knitting road.

    • Goodness me, my verbosity – now I am replying to myself. The other thing I do is using pencil I tick each pattern row till a block is done, rub it out so use a 2b pencil and start over and then you don;t get lost.

    • Thank you for your wise words. 🙂

  6. You made me laugh…..I have had just the same experiences with ****** lace patterns. Knitting with clenched teeth just about. I shall keep trying, comforted I am not alone!

  7. A beautiful sock! I love knitting lace patterns. Admittedly, most have been in fingering-weight yarn but I did do this in lace yarn. Using charts actually makes life simpler as you can ‘read’ your knitting and check it against the chart. Many patterns have an easy return row (knit stitches as they appear). Otherwise, use plenty of stitch markers and the odd lifeline.

  8. I know what you mean about lace knitting. The next lace project I take on, I’m going to try Techknitter’s very clever tip: Wonder if this might help you, too?

    • She has interesting tips, doesn’t she! I think I’ve been using my own modified version of what she says. I can’t face analysing an entire lace chart, however, I write similar instructions on the side of the chart. I think it’s just my head needs to memorise or know what I’m doing by the look of the stitches before I am easy with a pattern. Sigh. It will just have to come with practice. Once I can accomplish a lace pattern without having to constantly refer to a chart, I will be set!

  9. Ha ha! I have a love/hate relationship with lace too. Your sock is beautiful! Isn’t it great how lace projects never show that struggle? Lol. If my lace projects could talk of the abuse I inflict while knitting on them…

  10. Sorry to hear about yoru struggle with lace knitting!
    On the other hand those socks are fabulous!

  11. This sock is wonderful. I love the color and the st pattern. You were so funny in the beginning.

  12. I got hooked on lace knitting several years ago and now make four or five lace items a year. Some things definitely help, however. Learning to read the charts is a bonus because once you get used to the symbols, it’s much easier to visualize the pattern. Some of the symbols are very easy and used quite often: “/” is a K2tog (stitches slant to the right); “o” is a y/o (the yarn makes a circle around your needle); “\” is a SSK (stitches slant to the left). It’s so easy to get lost and make mistakes using a written pattern, so I use charts almost exclusively. Use stitch markers if your pattern repeats several times. Use a lifeline so you can rip out rows (should a mistake happen) without loosing all your work. Attach your pattern on a magnet board with strip magnets such as this one (, which keeps your place on the pattern as you knit. Finally, start with an easy pattern to build your confidence. I hope these little tips help!

  13. Beautiful socks!! I still have to conquer socks!

  14. Oooo gorgeous! Lace definitely gets easier with practice!