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Knitting Space


I finally got the needles I’ve been waiting for.  You know what this means?

I’ve started Celestarium!!


Audry is a genius knitter.

Celestarium is easy to knit, and so addictive it’s hard to put down!!  She’s done such a good job making the charts easy to follow.

You’ll probably notice I’ve made a modification.  My preference is to only have the beads and not worry about the yarn overs.  I prefer it this way – it looks more ‘spacey’ to me.

Moontide is proving to be the perfect colourway for this.  I truly feel like I’m looking deep into space knitting this shawl.  (The colourway, Moontide is by Doe Arnot, using Flagstaff Alpacas‘ beautifully soft 4 ply 100% alpaca.  Although she dyed this for me by special request, it is available as a repeatable colourway – drop her a line if you’d like some).

Can’t wait to have it around my shoulders!  I know I said I might gift this… given I’m going to knit the Southern companion as well.  Do you think it would be too greedy to have two Celestariums in my possession!?


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16 thoughts on “Knitting Space

  1. this will be breathtaking, love the colour.

  2. I understand your need to gift, but no, you must keep this one, it is such a big work and the colour will be so amazing on you, it looks so absolutely amazing already with the beginnings only and didn’t Doe make an amazing success of your colour, you are right…….you are looking into infinity. i have overused the word amazing, but it is that, beautiful and deep and spacey!!
    In my humble opinion for what it is worth, you can NEVER have too many shawls…….ever……never ever!!!!
    What are your needles please???
    What is the Southern Companion?? is it our “downunda” solar system??

    • I think I will find it hard to give this one away. 🙂 The needles are 3.5mm – I had the circs, but needed DPNs to start the shawl and didn’t have any. And then there was no stock anywhere in town, so had to wait for new stock to arrive. The Southern Companion is indeed the constellations of the Southern sky – I believe Audry is currently working hard on the pattern with a possible release date in April!

      • Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, i have been having a good look at it on Ravelry and on Twist Collective and it is such a stunning piece of work. It is Textile Art really. Doe has added her art to Audry’s and the third art will be yours in making it come alive. Do keep it!!

  3. Oh it’s gorgeous!

  4. This is a rich color and it’s so cool how you’re taking your own journey into space with this shawl.

  5. I’m planning to have two Celestariums, so I think you absolutely can as well! Looking gorgeous – and probably just the kind of satisfactory project you need after the lace hiccoughs.

  6. That is gorgeous – way more than I’ve been giving it credit for. Absolutely stunning!

  7. I totally agree that it looks great without the yarnovers, although that is pretty, too. I think your version showcases the wonderful yarn perfectly.

  8. Now, now. Consider your first Celestarium as a “practice piece.” Just think – you can try the pattern in many different ways. After you finish that first one you will have practiced and perfected your likes, dislikes and your second one will be perfection. Then you can send the practice piece first one to ME!!!
    Diana in California (hehehe)

  9. Gorgeous! Now on my queue 🙂 – and lovely socks below!

  10. It looks absolutely stunning ! Wow… !
    And why would it be too gready to have two Celestariums ? I mean, suppose you’d have to miss one temporarily due to washing or something; wouldn’t it make just perfect sense to have a second one to use ? 😉

  11. I’m going to keep both of my shawls. I think it is perfectly reasonable for you to keep both of yours. You never know if you are going to feel more northern or southern on any given day.