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Lights Up – knitting movie night!


Have you ever wondered whether Wellington would get its own “Knitting at the Movies” night?  The kind you read about enviously where a movie session is organised just for knitters – they kindly leave the lights on dim so you can see your knitting and enjoy the movie?

Well… guess what!?  Out of the blue last week, I received an email from Jessie, the very clever duty manager at the Embassy Theatre, (herself an avid knitter) letting me know that she has pulled it off for us!

The Embassy Theatre’s inaugural “Lights Up” session will be held at 6.30pm on Monday, 22 April, showing “Perks of Being a Wallflower”.  Tickets go on sale 11 April via; phone 04 3847657 or in person at the Embassy Theatre (10 Kent Terrace).  The cost is $20 for the film including a glass of wine (or beer or non alcoholic option). Come in early and/or stay a bit later for a drink at the Black Sparrow Bar.

To further entice us (as if being able to knit, watch a movie and meet up with other knitters isn’t enough), there will be amazing spot prizes on the night – sponsored by some of our very generous local yarn stores!

This sounds like a good night for knitting and meeting up with knitters!  Now, if I can manage to convince someone that baby sitting his younger brother is a good idea…

Thanks Jessie, for coming up with this great initiative!


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10 thoughts on “Lights Up – knitting movie night!

  1. Oh how fantastic! What fun, we could do with some of that over here. Enjoy the night it will be wonderful 🙂

  2. What a fabulous idea! Good luck with a baby sitter!

  3. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I wish I was back in Welly already! Although I have already seen the movie 😀 It is very good – enjoy it!

  4. What a fun idea – enjoy!

  5. Ooh! This sounds fun and delightful. Have fun. Good luck on winning something.

  6. Darn! Wish I still lived in Wellington…

  7. What a great idea. I hope you win the spot prize.

  8. The boy already doesn’t like me knitting while we watch tv 😦 he seems to feel as though I may as well be in a different room.

  9. Oh this could be a perfect evening out!!

  10. What an excellent idea!