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Freja socks

The socks are done in time to enjoy them over the Easter holiday.  I think they’re very cute.

Thank you, Mia for the lovely pattern.

And thank you Helene, for dyeing such beautiful yarn.

Observing the other versions knitted by others, I think that the yarn I’ve used (Happy-go-knitty 100% BFL) is probably slightly finer than used in the original pattern.  You can see that the lace is quite open in my version.  However, it actually works out quite well. The lace makes them a cooler sock than my others – ideal for when you want a light something on your feet but not heavy, freezing weather socks.  A  finer yarn complements that quality.  A bit like a lace shawl for my feet! 🙂

The only mod I made to this pattern was to double to length of the cuff.  It’s a personal preference to have a longer cuff on my socks.

Hope you have a relaxing break this long weekend.


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11 thoughts on “Freja

  1. Love the socks!! Don’t know how you can knit so many beautiful items!! Joan

  2. These are wonderfully beautiful. Exquisite job.

  3. I have now queued those socks. If only I had time to cast on right now!

    Your socks are lovely, by the way.

  4. Beautiful socks! You can master a shawl for sure after them 🙂

  5. These are beautiful socks, both the pattern and the colour!

  6. Oh congratulations, you have definitely cracked “Lace” and what a beautiful pair of socks and such a stunning colour….love them…….LOTS!!!! 🙂

  7. Oh, they’re so pretty. Love them 🙂