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Getting there


Well, I had hoped that I’d have the day off today, and I’d be happily catching up on things knitting related, including laying out the pattern for “Bo” for you.  Unfortunately, work isn’t quite as quiet as I hoped it would be.  I’m hoping to get a day off next week.  I can’t keep putting in the hours like I am.  Rest is required.

Despite that, I have managed to snatch an hour of knitting in the evenings before sleep overtakes me, so some progress has been made:

Celestarium is coming along.  Just 25 more rows to go before the edging, and then it will be done!  Because it’s a circular shawl, and now very wide, and I’m just using a 100cm circular cable, I haven’t got the satisfaction of spreading it out to see its full beauty.  It’s so pretty even like this though!!

CelestariumIt’s very addictive to knit beads into this shawl.  You might notice that my beads stand out in relief on the shawl due to the fact that I strung the beads on to the yarn before beginning the knitting.  I’m glad I didn’t put each bead on individually using a crochet hook as I came to the space for it though.  My hands are not the steadiest, and I don’t have small hands.  I would have scattered beads everywhere and dropped them trying to fit them on to the yarn (as I did when I got to the end of the beads I had strung on and decided to try the other method just to say I had done it).

The other little project that is slowly happening is this:

Green and purple socksOne down, one to go.  I put it on (because I just can’t wait to see the effect!) and  have to say I found it is the cutest sock in the universe.  It makes me smile to think of wearing them.

I’m looking forward to that time off.


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9 thoughts on “Getting there

  1. I hope you get a day off soon! Loving both wips – I haven’t used beads but you’re tempting me…

  2. I love your choices in color. The shawl is extraordinary! The sock is a riot.

  3. That sock really is cute… ! Hope you’ll soon be able to finish the other one and spend a relaxing day at home admiring them..

  4. I’m about to use beads for the first time, when I use my purple Fyberspates Scrumptious 4 ply to knit a tunic dress.
    I’d be interested in hearing how knitters wear their shawls because it’s not exactly a fashion item is it? And yet they can be so pretty that it’d be a waste not to throw it over whatever you’re wearing just because you can.

    • Hi Violet,
      I’ve always wondered about shawls, too…; love them, but how does one wear them ?
      Last year I came across this one ( especially the vid at the end of the blogpost ), maybe it might help you too.. :

    • I do wear shawls – developed the habit with pashminas when I lived in HK. They’re so handy for a bit of warmth without sleeves. The longer ones look great draped around the neck with one piece having down the front. I wear them like scarves, essentially. Also having the “v” in the front like a bandana looks good too. I’ve been thinking about Celestarium – a round shawl is tricker. I’ll probably end up with a shawl pin to keep it in place.

  5. Those beads look lovely!

  6. Your Celestarium is coming along beautifully! And I like how the beads look prestrung. I wouldn’t have had the patience to do that.

    • It’s not as bad as it seems. I think it took me all of 5 minutes to string the beads on. Doing 130 per hank seems to be about the right number.