The highlight of the Wellington knitter’s year (well, mine anyway) will be here soon:

Creative Fibre (the New Zealand organisation for all fibre crafts) is having its annual conference in Wellington this year (25 – 28 April) at the Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua!  Although I sadly can’t attend the events and classes, I will be able to go to the trade hall!  So many wonderful yarn suppliers will be there (click the link to see them all)!  The trade hall is open to the public and free to enter.

The very next week (4 May) is the annual Wonders of Wool market at the Wellington Underground Market in Frank Kitts Park.  I am not sure exactly who is going to be there yet, but it’s going to be big!  In addition to many others, I know that Verandah Yarns will be present.  As well as the talented Helene of Happy-go-knitty, bringing her fabulous new graduated-dye yarn.   It’s making my mouth water…  That pink/green combination and blue/green/pink combination is looking especially tempting.

BFL_colour changing

Also at Wellington Underground (and Creative Fibre) will be the lovely Tash of Holland Road Yarn Company and Knitsch Yarns.  Nom, nom, I’m looking forward to seeing (and acquiring) more of this:

Knitsch new yarn

Attending both events is definitely going to involve a fairly significant layout of cash.  

I think I had better start saving.

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  1. Oooohhhh lovely. What a time to be living away from Wellington, I’ve missed the record sunshine days and now this. Not that I don’t have tempting yarns here, but its lovely to see what’s on offer at home. Thanks.

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