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Bad cat!


The weather cooperated enough to block Celestarium yesterday.  It still wasn’t dry when I went to bed, so I left it on the floor of my bedroom where it was blocking.

In the middle of the night, I heard “RIIIIP, RIIIIP!”  ‘The cat’s ripping up the shawl!’ shot through my head.  Bolting upright, I stared in the direction of my shawl, and sure enough, the cat was sitting on Celestarium!

My heart hammering, I shooed him off and wondered what to do.  I didn’t dare look at the shawl in the light for fear of a) committing caticide, and b) that I’d not be able to sleep for the rest of the night.  I knew though, that now the cat had the shawl in his sights, he would not leave it alone, so something had to be done to prevent any further damage being done.  I decided to cover the shawl with more towels.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the bad cat returned, sniffing interestedly at the shawl, but fortunately, wasn’t able to do anything further because he couldn’t reach the beads that had caught his attention.  I stifled the urge to strangle the creature.

I gingerly examined the shawl in the light of morning.  A bead had been pulled out of the shawl with his teeth, and the bead and yarn it was attached to dangled several inches off the shawl in a very ugly way.  It was a good thing the cat was nowhere in sight.  It was also a good thing I had heard him before any major damage was done.

Fortunately, the damage was repairable.  The yarn hadn’t been broken (or caticide would have definitely been on the cards) so I was able to draw the yarn back along the row and even up the stitches and settle the bead back into place.  Damn that cat.  He is a total nuisance, and a Very Bad Cat.  I would have liked to shut the door when I went to bed, but all the handles on the doors in this house are faulty and do not keep shut.  It’s quite annoying.  Perhaps I should consider installing a bolt.

And so, as some of you have asked to see the blocked shawl, here it is:


I still haven’t quite forgiven the cat, but at least the damage has been fixed.

Hope you are having/had a great weekend!


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29 thoughts on “Bad cat!

  1. Blast that cat! You can’t blame him for wanting a closer look though – soft, sparkling and smelling of you! My cat has definitely reserved at least one of her nine lives for knitting and sewing-related misdemeanours. It’s a good job we love them really.

  2. Oh, what horror ! I can fairly well imagine your fear of taking a closer look at night.. ( I always keep my blocking fully covered ever since such an accident here… )
    Glad the damage wasn’t irreparable, your Celestarium is a true beauty !

    • Thanks. 🙂 I think I will do the same and just keep the knitting covered if I ever have to leave it on the floor again. The angst isn’t worth it otherwise!

  3. What a funny story! Really glad it had a happy ending, gorgeous shawl. Just fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous! Whew, If you had committed caticide you may have later regretted it… may have….

  5. Your cat is one lucky feline! The shawl is stunning.

  6. Oh dear! I can’t even count how often my cats have been inches away from becoming mince-cat… so good to see that you were able to repair the damage. It would have been a terrible shame, it’s such a lovely shawl.

  7. Ugh, that’s an ongoing issue in my home (see *most* of the Messy Monday posts). I’m pretty good about stashing WIPs away where he can’t see them, but if I don’t get a blocking FO put away the second it’s dry he will invariably take an interest. Grr.

  8. cats will stay cats, I would have dreamed about caticide too, but what a torture for a knitter’s cat to see all those pretty things to play with and not being allowed to do so!
    hopefully the damage wasn’t irreversible!

    • Thankfully I was able to repair it. But as I have just realised, I can never leaving it lying around or he will attack the pretty shiny beads once again…

  9. How lucky you woke up in time to prevent further damage. Whenever my cats do things like that I try to put myself in their total-lack-of-shoes. There’s this awesome, animal-smelling thing laying here on the sofa with these distracting shiny things attached to it. Ooh, those shiny things are fun to chew on. And ooh, they bounce and make the most wonderful rattle. Mmm, that animal smelling thing is cozy, maybe I can appreciate its aroma better if I absorb it through my face….

    • The thing that really gets him is raw, unprocessed possum fur. I think they must smell like giant mice or something. It’s like catnip to him. Fortunately, the possum fur yarn that I use has been washed thoroughly of its natural scent before it comes home or all my possum garments would have been rendered to shreds a long time ago.

  10. horrifying! I was holding my breath through that post, god cats are so naughty! I;m glad you managed to fix it, I would have been so upset at a long dangly bit coming out of my shawl.
    Can you bring it to WOW for a stroke and an admire? It is stunning

    • My heart just about stopped when I saw the damage. I’ve not been able to fix dangly threads before, but I was determined to put it back into place. As you said, it would have just been too upsetting to have a dangly bit coming out of the shawl even before I’d worn it! Plus this is good practice for if I ever inadvertently catch a bead in future. I suppose I could very begrudgingly say he did me a favour in a roundabout sort of way. I will definitely be wearing it on Saturday! I’ll send you a pm about meeting up.

      > Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 19:31:13 +0000 > To: >

  11. What is it with pets being in love with items that are blocking? I’m lucky that Scooter mostly sits on projects rather than chewing them. But still. My heart sank a little bit when reading what your cat had been up to.

    • They really can be so naughty. I don’t mind the sitting-on-project-blocking, as long as no claws or teeth are involved. I will have to remember to always put the shawl away from now on. I just know he’s going to target the beads every time he sees them. 😦

  12. OMGosh! What a knitter’s nightmare. Thank goodness it wasn’t that ugly and very repairable.

  13. Oh naughty cat! Thank goodness he didn’t break the yarn. My cat loves to chew any yarn I leave lying around so I have to be careful to put all my WIP’s away all the time. Beautiful work, looks just perfect 🙂

  14. Love it!!!

  15. I think cats sometimes get jealous of our knitting. Ganymede was poking around a shawl I had blocking on the weekend and, although I managed to shoo her away every time, I do wonder what might have happened if she’d had some time alone with it.

    Your shawl is gorgeous – do you plan to knit it’s Southern version as well?

    • Cats are strange creatures at times. I’m amazed at how many other people have issues with cats and knitting, judging from all the comments I’ve received. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone.

      Yes, I have cast on for the Southern Skies already!!