The seagull

“Skee!  Skeeee!”  screamed the seagull.

“Oh, look Eric, the seagull is eyeing your sausage!” I remarked.


“Look up there!”  I pointed, to a seagull hovering close overhead with its beady eye fixed on his lunch.

The ribbed beanie

“Aaargh!  It’s not getting my food!!” he wailed, covering his lunch and running from the hovering bird.

Ribbed beanie“Has it gone yet?  Where is it?”

WatchingEric remembered the story I told him of the seagull snatching his aunt’s hamburger right out of her hands when she lived in Sydney.   I don’t think New Zealand seagulls are quite as aggressive, but you never know…

Can we go yet?“I think we need to go home now.  Can we go yet?  I don’t like that seagull!”

I found the situation rather amusing (bad mummy).  The seagull soon gave up and went away, but someone’s nerve had been shattered, and all he wanted to do was eat his lunch in peace, away from the greedy eyes of hungry seagulls.

Why were we on the beach?  I was trying(!) to get a photo of the hat.  It’s a small revamp of an existing pattern to take into account new yarn, and new sizing (small and medium/large) so that the hat can be used as a family pattern for all of dad, mum and kid.  Eric’s wearing the medium/large in case you’re wondering.

It’s knitted in Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Co. 100% wool naturals in 12 ply in Peat.  The pattern is available for free dowload here and on my “free patterns” page as well as in hard copy at Anna Gratton’s stall at the Wellington Underground Wonders of Wool market this Saturday.  Anna has wound special 100g hanks of 12 ply, 100% naturally coloured wool yarn that are just the right size for one hat (with a little left over).  The hard copy pattern will be free with yarn purchase.

Oh, and in case you are coming, do pop over here for a chance of a free skein of yarn from Happy-go-knitty!

Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “The seagull

  1. A seagull once nearly landed on my head to snatch a sandwich out of my hands. My Mum also had a good laugh. Especially when the seagull flew after me as I ran down the beach. It could have been so much worse for your son.

    That yarn looks quite cozy. And I think the second picture is a real winner.

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