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It seems that this week is hat week!

Inspired by the gorgeous chocolate wool I used for the ribbed beanie, I decided to knit another in DK weight yarn this time.

I finished it last night.

This one is called Tidal.  The undulating twisted stitches remind me of how the exposed seabed looks at low tide.  Knitted in Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Co. DK pure wool naturals in the natural dark chocolate colour, Peat.

TidalI really like it.  It does all the right things for me – looks good on my head, covers the ears and keeps the neck warm, and it’s not too tight and not too loose.   And there is just the right amount of patterning on the hat to suit my sensibilities.

I’m hoping to have the pattern ready in time to have a hard copy at Anna Gratton’s stall at the Wonders of Wool market, but no promises.  If it is, it will be free with yarn purchase (there will be 100g skeins of natural DK yarn as well this time).

In any event, the pattern will be available for download from my blog within the week.


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9 thoughts on “Tidal

  1. This is yet another nice pattern you have made.May have to give it a go sometime soon !!!!

  2. I love the design. Simple but stylish.

  3. Gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing your new pattern.

  4. That is quite pretty!

    I’d love to see some pictures of the top of the hat.

  5. It’s got a nice balance between pattern and smoothy plain-ness. Lovely.

  6. I love the way that you line up the cables/waves with the ribbing – such a small detail, but I’m always surprised at the number of cabled hats/jerseys that don’t do this!

  7. That’s a great hat!

  8. It’s amazing what power a simple stitch pattern like that can have. Love it!