A grand week

Wonders of Wool was great!!

This is some of my haul:

Some of the haul

The rest of what you don’t see is a super amount of naturally coloured 100% wool  from Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Co.  For gorgeous sweaters that will keep me and my family warm.  You’ll see more of it when I start to knit it shortly.

Let us examine some of this yarny happiness in more detail shall we?

Fibre Alive

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the sad day when I told you that James of Fibre Alive had decided to stop dyeing yarn.  So yes, your eyes do not deceive you – I was so happy to see James at the market!!

After a break and a rest, James has decided to make a return to his love of dyeing, albeit in a smaller scale.  He has also added another base to his yarn selections!  And as of today, he has reopened his online store!!  Woohoo!!!  Happy jigs happening at this end.  I’m so happy I can once again enjoy his wonderful talent.

Of course, I had to replenish my stock of Happy-go-knitty yarn.  Especially self-striping loveliness!


I also was delighted to finally meet Sally of Verandah Yarns in person, and to acquire some of her gorgeous colourways.  So pretty, I’m thinking I should do a shawl with the yarn and not socks.  She manages to achieve a striking depth to her colours.  Quite masterful.

Verandah Yarns

And finally, more lovelies from Anna Gratton.  I think I could have bought ALL her stock… but one must spread the budget around, and share nicely with other knitters…

The colour transitions in this hank of Little Wool Co. merino/mohair make my heart go bumpty-bump extra fast.


Alice made me buy this one (hehe, blame the co-shopper!)  Actually, I’ve had Lime lust for a while, especially after I saw her Wholehearted shawl in the same colourway.  Lime, 4 ply 100% wool

I didn’t think that a week could get much better when it was topped and tailed with a woolfest at each end.

What I didn’t count on was the wonderful people I would catch up with and meet, who turned the events not just into an occasion to add to my stash but something very special indeed.  We often talk about how knitting brings people together.  This week was very much an illustration of that point for me.

I’m going to be smiling for a while.  

13 thoughts on “A grand week

  1. Yarn envy happening here!!!! Love all the yarn in both your shopping sprees, how I wish we had something like Wonder of Wool in Auckland.

  2. Wow! Those yarns are amazing. I love the Little Wool Co. Merino/Mohair but the lime green also pleases me. I look forward to seeing what the end products will be.

  3. Sounds like an awesome event ! No wonder you’ll be smiling… 🙂
    Your haul looks gorgeous. Curious to find out about the naturally coloured knitting you’ll be doing

  4. lovely! they all look so good sitting together, so much potential! And I’m glad you bought the lime, it will be very becoming on you when you knit yourself something. Also, still loving that teal and blue merino mohair, stunning, can’t wait to see what you make with it :O)

  5. such a nice read and feast for the eyes 🙂 all lovely yummy yarns…. looking forward to seeing what they’ll become… glad you had such a great time 🙂

  6. Lovely! Got some Happy Go Knitty and a beaut-ifool woolly cushion cover…would’ve been way more but the apartment is small and I’ve a substantial stash arriving sometime in June/July… Looking forward to seeing the results 🙂

  7. What beautiful colors!!! So much fun to see…if only I could squeeze the skeins as well. Have fun with your prizes. K

  8. I loved the colours of those sock yarns. But I don’t really knit socks so I left the market with a single ball of kauni effektgarn. No idea what I’m going to do with it! Do you go to the Knit August Night knitting weekends?

    1. The sock yarns are also excellent for shawls and gloves, scarves, anything that requires a finer yarn. 🙂 I would love to go to KAN, but have no child care arrangements to allow me to do that, sadly.

  9. What an excellent haul! I usually try to keep my yarn buying impulses under control, but there’s nothing like a yarn fair to free me up 🙂 I can’t wait to see what these become!

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