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Hydrangeas for mother


Mother's dayIt’s Mother’s Day in New Zealand on Sunday.

My beautiful daughter organised a very surprise bunch of flowers for me today on behalf of all three of my children.  Aren’t they lovely?  Winter hydrangeas.  Quite a different shade to summer!

I’m a lucky mum.

The hydrangeas have much meaning for me.  They were the flower I used to see as a child when we visited New Zealand in early summer.  My grandmother had an enormous hydrangea bush with huge heads of vibrant blue/purple flowers on it.  I loved to look at them. I still think of her when I see hydrangeas.  And my daughter remembered this, and got me hydrangeas.


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11 thoughts on “Hydrangeas for mother

  1. you are certainly a lucky person ,I wonder if my son in NZ will remember me

  2. Happy Mother’s day to you! I think hydrangea’s offer lots of yarn colour options too!!!

  3. I love hydrangeas – they are an instant bouquet! I used to sneakily break off a stalk or two from some bushes in my neighbourhood to keep in a vase 😀

  4. … and she did because you are a wonderful mum! Happy Mother’s Day ~ hope you got to knit some!

  5. Sweet… 🙂 Lovely flowers they are, too !

  6. Happy Mothers’ Day.

  7. What a lovely bunch. Their coloring is unusual. What a great memory you have attached to these type of flowers.