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Snuggly, wuggly, wool


Now that I’m very, very, very, nearly finished with the monster hoodie, I’ve been contemplating other knits for family.

Hoodie in progress

This marathon knit which has left my fingers and shoulders very sore (each side is the same length as a dress on me), so I think it’s time for a few quick knits.

The cool of winter has reminded me that there are little nieces and nephews who “require” dressing in the unbeatable snuggly warmth of wool…

I’ve got a few patterns queued, and as I know that there are a number of baby garment knitters among you, thought I’d share:

Fat Kitty makes me giggle.  So cute!!  I will add a fat, fluffy tail though, and maybe some long whiskers.  The pattern actually comes with charts for a rabbit, cat and bear, so you can take your pick.  It looks like it’s designed especially for one of my nieces.  The pattern is from Just Jussi, the talented designer of the hit Aviatrix hat, who is coincidentally also a Kiwi.  I haven’t decided on yarn yet, but I do have quite a bit in the stash, so I will probably pick some machine washable wool (just to avoid being told that it got shrunk in the wash).

Just Jussi has put together some very cute designs.  I also picked out Liam because what keen knitter can say no to fluffy little sheep on a baby knit!?  It also happens to be the name of my nephew, although I think he’s too old for it, and I will probably knit it for his brother when he arrives later in the year.  I have the perfect yarn in mind for that, a beautiful fingering-weight merino in blue that is very soft, and very suitable for a baby.

The aptly named Favourite Hoodie caught my attention recently too, and I can see it knitted up in a lovely, natural coloured pure wool. Perhaps more of that same merino but in a creamy yellow.  The best thing about this yarn is that it is dyed using eco-friendly methods and non-toxic dyes – which makes it very guilt-free knitting for babies.  It’s just a pity it’s not sold any more.

eco merino

I’m also in love with Bronson, Echo and Addison all of which just happen to be free dowloads from Rowan and also in same issue of Rowan No. 46.

Looks like they’ll be keeping me busy for a while!

Before I do that, I do have a couple more ‘almost done’ knits that the recipients are hanging out for:

Kauri scarfThis is a scarf I’m knitting in snuggly Zealana Kauri (check out the fancy new packaging!) for a certain young man who has requested a long, warm (and soft) scarf that he can wrap around his neck a couple of times and be able to tuck it into a keyhole so that it doesn’t slip off while he’s wearing it.  It’s based on my Keyhole Scarf pattern which is designed to be unisex.  I’ve adjusted it for worsted weight, and cast on 39 stitches using 6mm (US 10) needles.  It’s coming along beautifully, and such a quick knit!

The other young man’s hat in juicy orange is almost done too:


In case you are wondering about it, here’s the beginning of the Southern Skies.  It has come along a bit since I took this picture.

Southern SkiesSo… quite a bit on the needles, and that makes me happy.   But the best thing of all, is that it’s all WOOL (even the possum has wool in it). Beautiful, warm, natural wool.  🙂

How’s your knitting going?

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22 thoughts on “Snuggly, wuggly, wool

  1. And it is sooooooo cold today everyone will want their yummy woollies. You will value your long and heavy knit once it is sewn up. Nice work!!!

    • I’m so happy we’re having some decent weather for a change. It needs to stay that way for the next few months now. The hoodie is being impatiently awaited by my brother-in-law. It has taken a while to knit it, but I know it will be worn and loved for years to come, so the effort is all worth it.

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  2. My knitting is nonexistent at the moment. I’ve started different things but keep ripping them out. Wowsie! What beautiful projects you have going. I need to get a fire lit under me! Blessings…

  3. Hurrah for wool! Life is too short to be spent on other kinds of yarn.

    And to answer your earlier questions, I didn’t stop by The Wool Co. We kept driving in favor of getting to a cafe.

  4. Thanks for sharing your queued baby patterns. I now have more favourites on Ravelry. You can never have too many.

  5. Cold & rainey down at the bottom of the South Island. So I’ve just cast on your Market Day Hat & Strong Heart Mittens ( I’m doing fingerless) in some black possum blend I picked up from the Milton Mill. Will match the Quilted cowl I’m already wearing 🙂

  6. What lovely finds. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Its quite good that it’s finally cold enough to wear hand knits eh?

  8. it is all looking wonderful, the yarns with all the colours and then all the patterns!! Its been an adventure, reading what you have written and then visiting the sites you are using, My word though, the recipient for the hoodie must be a huge man. Whoo…….what a big big commitment. Love your new shawl, the beads are different and I like them with the yarn. Is it the same as the northern shawl???

    • Forgot to say… the beads are a different colour. The Northern shawl has mostly a gold crystal-lined bead with an opalescent finish, but the Southern one is as referred to in my previous comment.

  9. Silly me, of course it is a different shawl, different hemisphere. No i actually was asking about the bead colour not the shawl itself …as i said, silly me !! 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂 The bead colour is a bronzy gold crystal-lined bead. In another time in my life, I was an avid beader, so have a box full of stunning beads that need to be used. Most of them are seed beads (I specialised in sewing beads together to form a patterned bead fabric and in making wine rings) but I do have some larger sizes as well, and this colour looked good with the blue.

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  10. I was so happy to see southern skies come out. I was thinking that it would be neat to set up a program that could generate a customized version of the pattern depending on the knitter’s geographic location and the date/time of year.

  11. So many WIPs….so little time!

  12. What adorable patterns!! Love what you’re planning to knit for the little ones in your life.

  13. Lots going on here, great projects.