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I think one of the best things about owning a substantial amount of yarn is that when you need to find a match for a pattern, you can go ‘shopping’ in it, and discover all over again, the joy of the yarn you first selected.

Only this time, it’s in the comfort of your own home, you can make as much mess of the yarn as you like, and you can take all the time you want to stroke and dream and squish without feeling like you’re about to be pushed out of the shop, or that you have to leave because a certain small person you’re with becomes impatient and starts pulling you in the direction of the door.

It’s also very convenient when the urge to cast on a pair of socks strikes you at 7pm on a weeknight…

When the perfect combination of yarn and pattern is made, magic happens.


This yarn is from Knitsch, in the Genevieve colourway.  The pattern is Mimer, from Mia Dehmer of VickeVira.  

I love the sock trilogy Mia released recently (Freya, Mimer and Oden).  Every pattern is about a Swedish legend.  In this case, “Mimer is a giant who is guarding the natural spring of wisdom, Mimer’s well. When drinking from the well you will be able to know everything that has ever happened and everything that will happen in the future. The Mimer socks have streams of water down the front and back of the sock, as a symbol for the flowing wisdom”.

The single cables can be knitted entirely with twists and without a cable needle, which I have found to be a great time saver.

I’m supposed to be knitting other things as well (and I am) but I have to sneak back to these pretties and knit a row or two or three every now and again, just because it gives me such a thrill to see the pattern revealing itself, and in how the sock is looking:  the colour matches the wateriness of the pattern theme so well, and the supertwist merino yarn is just the perfect texture to show off the cables.  So satisfying!

So, thank you Mia, for this beautiful pattern.  And thank you, Tash, for this gorgeous yarn and colour!


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13 thoughts on “Mimer

  1. And thank you for tempting me with yet another pattern!

  2. Very, very beautiful socks. I have never knitted socks and don’t really understand the whole sock knitting concept but this post is bringing me closer to understanding why. 🙂

    • I could never understand it myself until I knitted my first pair. The comfort of wearing a pair of socks knitted exactly to your own foot proportions is amazing. Woollen socks are also much warmer and breathe so much better than cotton – better for my feet which get very cold in winter. Also, I recently discovered that knitting a pair of wool socks is actually no more than the cost of buying a pair of commercially knitted wool socks! No more minor guilt at spending that much on my feet!!

  3. That combi is indeed gorgeous !
    And I think you’ve just given me the perfect ‘excuses’ to go build my onw stash…. 😉

  4. I just did this yesterday! And I was kinda overwhelmed with the amount of yarn I had..but I love to squoosh it and go through it…and then the Hubs, he said he doesn’t see it as a problem, as when I need a yarn I can just go to the stash and pick one out….he also calls it my retirement fund, as when I retire I won’t have the money to spend on yarn as I do now… I’m building up my retirement fund…

    pretty socks!

  5. Yarn shopping in your own stash is the best. Your sock looks beautiful so far.

  6. I have looked at that colour in the online shop and been tempted, I think it has just moved to the ‘definite’ category. Looking forward to seeing the finished socks!

  7. How fun to have the feeling that you’re shopping in your stash! This colorway is perfect and really showcases the st pattern.

  8. Added to that every-growing list of Ravelry faves! Thanks!

  9. ohhhhhhh. That is lovely!

  10. I’ve just learned to knit socks (from the cuff down, anyway) so will soon be embarking on what could be a sock-knitting frenzy. Though I still have two knit tunics to finish…

    • Firstly, congratulations on your entry into the sock knitting world! Life will never be the same again. 🙂

      Secondly, if I can be a devil… a sock (if I can tempt you) makes a delightful “side trip” in the monotony of a larger project. Why not start one now and then you won’t forget your newly acquired skills!???

      Top down socks are my favourite way of constructing socks. It occurred to me recently that one reason I like them is because if I accidentally make a mistake with length (which sometimes happens) it is an easy job to rip back the first couple of inches of toe and adjust the length, whereas toe-up socks do not afford such luxury!

  11. these are fabulous, I’m on a sock mood at this moment too and these are just so tempting