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Contributing to the wool movement


Many of you be aware of the global initiative, The Campaign for Wool, of which HRH The Prince of Wales is patron.

The website of the New Zealand arm of this movement explains “The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative that aims to highlight wool as a fibre that is an eco-friendly, comfortable, fashionable and durable option to cheaper and more disposable alternatives. As New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, supporting the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fibre itself.”

I’ve watched from afar as I don’t sell wool or wool products (only talk about it quite a lot), and wasn’t sure how else I could be involved except by highlighting the Campaign’s efforts from time to time.

This month, the Campaign for Wool has opened the doors to allow the ‘common folk’ be involved in a more active way, and this is how you can do it!  The link explains that we can now pop the Campaign an email telling about where in New Zealand you can buy fabulous New Zealand wool products.

The list is sadly lacking folks.  There are still hundreds of retailers and suppliers of wool and wool products that can be added to this list.  Go on, I encourage you to drop them a line and promote your favourite retailer of wool!

I’ll be sending them a (rather long) list soon.

And on the final wool note, if you’re in town today, a little reminder that the Social Wool Fair is on at the St. John’s Church (corner of Willis/Dixon Sts) from 9.30am – 1pm, after which there will be knitting/crochet activities until 4pm.  It looks like it’s going to be a fabulous event.


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4 thoughts on “Contributing to the wool movement

  1. The SWF sounds super fun!

  2. Reblogged this on Eremophila's Musings and commented:
    Wool is wonderful!!

  3. The Social Wool Fair…….not down here [in the South Island] though……….sigh!!!!!! You lucky North Islanders, especially Wellingtonians, have had a wonderful time with wool over the last weeks or month or so. That is so good to read about you know!!!

  4. Kiwiyarns Knits, excellent post and thanks for sharing! We look forward to receiving and sharing your list of additional great locations to buy NZ wool. The list as it currently stands is comprised of our brand partners but we always appreciate sharing about anyone who wants to support and promote the use of wool. Stay in touch!
    P.S. So glad you enjoyed the Social Wool Fair, we were disappointed that the members of our team were not able to join.