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Round up


The Mimer Socks are done.  I think they are soooo pretty!!!!Mimer socks

I think I’m quite addicted to patterned socks now, thanks to Mia!

Pattern:  Mimer socks, by Mia Dehmer/VickeVira

Yarn:  Knitsch 100% merino sock in the Genevieve colourway

Needles:  2.5mm

The little jacket is now properly completed as well.

I won’t spill all the beans as it still has to get to the little man who will wear it, but thought I’d show you the cute embroidered ribbon I got to line the zip.  The ribbon is covering the edge of the zip and hides the zip stitches, and makes it look neat and tidy on the inside.

Ribbon lining

Yarn:  The Wool Company Corriedale 100% wool, in natural mid-brown.  I used  just over one hank for two year old size.

Pattern:  Naturally NZ Yarns pattern no. N1087

Hope you’re having a good weekend!


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7 thoughts on “Round up

  1. Such pretty socks! Great pattern and yarn, well done you! Enjoy them…

  2. Love the socks. I just bought some lovely sock yarn at l’Oisive thé to knit some socks so I think I might try this pattern it’s so nice.

  3. I love your socks, they look gorgeous!

  4. love the socks, the yarn is the perfect colour for them too, so etheric.

  5. There is something so inviting about these socks, like you would go so far as to steal them off someone’s feet! (what a visual!)

  6. Pretty, pretty socks, so clever and Mia’s pattern is just lovely isn’t it!! The zip up jacket with the elephant orange and blue elephant ribbon with the brown is fabulous. Lucky young chap, he will love this 🙂

  7. Your socks R-O-C-K! The fine detailing is beautiful. The color is awesome too.
    I love that fun ribbon in the cardi project. It’ll be a fun splash of color when his cardi is taken off.