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Socks and secrets


I’ve had my nose buried in a secret test knitting project for the past week.  It’s one of those charted projects that you need to concentrate on, and so for a bit of light relief, I have also started on a couple of socks…

We have another Antarctic blast about to hit, and my feet are saying “Warm socks, NOW!!!!”

Hedgerow in Fibre Alive Awesome Alpaca

This is Hedgerow, a free pattern by Jane Cochran.  Like a few others who have knitted this pattern, I misread the instructions somehow (goodness knows how, as the instructions clearly say rows 1 and 2… and then rows 3 and 4…!). I ended up putting seed stitch between the ribs, not moss (or as some know it, double moss).  Never mind, it still looks good, so that’s all that matters.

The yarn is exquisite and enchanting.  It’s Fibre Alive’s Awesome Alpaca sock yarn, in the Scottish Moors colourway.  You can see in the photo just how soft it is.  It’s just wonderful to knit, and the colours are enchanting – they make me happy just looking at them!!  Most relevantly at the moment, the yarn is super warm, with a 60% New Zealand alpaca content.  Toasty toes coming up!

Sometimes I feel that yarn is too pretty to knit, and then it has to be savoured in the stash for a while.  Other times, I feel that a yarn is so pretty that it must be knit, right now, and this is certainly the case with this yarn – I only got it this weekend at the Social Wool Fair!

Of course, I believe that good things must come in pairs, and so I have also cast on this pair for my older son:

Possum socksThis yarn has sat in my stash for far too long.  Why on earth have I not knit it sooner?  It’s the John Q Earth Wear possum sock blend yarn (85% recycled possum, 15% nylon).  The recycled possum is pre-consumer possum yarn that is essentially ‘factory waste’, so this is a good opportunity to make use of a perfectly good product that would otherwise truly go to waste.

It makes a very squishy, delightfully warm sock.  Good thing I have another ball stashed away, as I want a pair for myself!  In fact, I have a terrible desire to hop in the car and run to the yarn store to stock up on this yarn, as it is so lovely that I am now worried about what would might happen if they stop selling it before I go to get more!???

Ah, the worries of a knitter, eh? 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Socks and secrets

  1. Handknits time is definitely on its way! I’m almost finished with my knitted dress, which would be perfect for the upcoming arctic blast, but I probably won’t finish in time. glad you like the John Q sock yarn, as I’ve seen it but wasn’t willing to take the risk that it wouldn’t be very soft.

  2. Scottish Moors for Hedgerow Socks – how appropriate – great colour!

  3. Oh, that awesome alpaca definitely looks lush !

  4. Sounds exciting – secret knitting…
    I think Hedgerow was one of the first patterns I downloaded from Raverly … love it 🙂

  5. Oh my, those yarns do look rather deliciously warm… I may just have to cast on some possum or alpaca blend socks as soon as I’ve finished my possum merino Bo cowl (which will be done today, only 12 rows of linen stitch left!). Are those Signature DPNs I spy? Super jealous!!!

    • Oooh! I’m looking forward to seeing the cowl! Nope, not Signatures (still haven’t quite worked myself up to get over the price) – they’re actually Karbonz (got them from Morag). They’re not bad at all. The amazing lightness takes some getting used to, and the tip is different to a wooden or plain steel needle, but they’re lovely to knit with once your brain stops wigging out about how different they are to the ‘usual’. In fact, I’m thinking I might even get must some 2.5mms, so I guess that means I like them! 😀

      > Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 20:20:30 +0000 > To: >

      • Well I’m still jealous. Been wanting some carbon fibre needles since they came on the market, but can’t afford them right now 😦 One day I’ll get some of those AND some Signatures! Must have all the needles!! 😉