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There is a difference


The eldest boy’s socks are done.Boy socks

They were a bit more of a commitment than the usual socks for me…

A difference in sizeHe’d better appreciate them now!

Note how plush and fluffy and warm-looking they are?  Possum socks – just the right sort of thing for cold weather!

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15 thoughts on “There is a difference

  1. They look very snug and beautifully knitted!! We need possum yarn at the moment…..keep warm!

  2. They look wonderful. He’s a very lucky recipient

  3. Oooh! I’ve got some possum wool yarn squirreled away upstairs – a good pair of winter socks is just the kind of project I need to break up the current project I’m working on. Unfortunately it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, as all my wool’s stashed in baby girl’s closet until she’s older and needs her closet space! 🙂

  4. Those look so cozy. If he doesn’t appreciate them, I think you should wear them over your own socks on cold nights.

  5. Ha! I know that feeling. Mr Myrtle’s feet never end…

  6. They sure look snug & warm. Makes me curious though; is that difference exemplary for the overall length-difference between the two of you…. ?

  7. He is one lucky guy!!!!! So cosy and warm and large!!!

  8. Knitting for guys is definitely more of a task. Those socks do love warm and cozy!

  9. Possum socks! Awesome…I’ll never make socks for the Hubs..he’s git HUGE feet and is not kind to socks…

  10. I love the fuzziness! It totally yells warm and cozy for your footsies! And wow, what a big difference in size .

  11. wow he’s got much bigger feet than you! Those socks do look nice and warm – I have some myself (store bought) and they really are warm.

  12. Wow, that is a big sock! They do look super warm.