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Things knitters do


Knitters are a unique bunch of people.  We do things that others may think are a bit creepy, but really, it’s all about the love of knitting!

I thought I’d share a few observations with you today.  Knitters:

  1. Can spot a hand knitted item from 100 yards away (or more).  They often delightedly point out said knitted item to people they are with (to mixed reaction).
  2. Secretly try on family members’ socks and hats when they’re not around in order to ascertain size so that secret knitting can take place.
  3. Keep notes all the family’s foot, head, hand and body size for future knitting projects.
  4. Eye up knitted garments others are wearing and try to remember the pattern detail so the same can be replicated at home.
  5. Brazenly approach people wearing hand knitted garments to ask what pattern they used.
  6. Stand in front of shop windows and huff at pretty knits done in yucky acrylic for a high price but be secretly happy that the exact same thing in a luxurious natural fibre can be had for a fraction of the price… knitted by you!!
  7. Look at commercially knitted clothing from the inside out, to understand construction and pick up finishing tips that can be applied to one’s knitting at home.  (This is often done at one’s peril if shopping with family members who object to such behaviour).
  8. Eye the colour and fabric content in said commercially knitted clothing to see if you can find the exact same shade and fabric effect in yarn.
  9. Carry knitting everywhere and knit at every spare moment (especially socks).
  10. Investigate every magazine shop passed for a latest knitting magazine release (just in case).
  11. When in a knitting group, surreptitiously admire others’ knitting tools and yarn and develop tool and yarn envy.
  12. Schedule one’s travel route and timing so that convenient access can be had to a yarn store (so that the itch developed by tool and yarn envy can be relieved).
  13. Organise one’s holiday schedule around knitting, wool and yarn acquisition events.
  14. Read knitting blogs first.  Ahead of email and news.

What little knitting quirks do you have?  Do share!


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19 thoughts on “Things knitters do

  1. Hahaa! I recognised myself in some of these observations 🙂 Sometimes rather than rely on my memory, I take a photo of knitted item – depending on the circumstances of course. Recently I spotted in an op-shop, a big baggy jumper made of gorgeous homespun – for $2! In my bag it went and now I’m in the process of unravelling it for my next project.

  2. I regularly call up my brother, scream “I need your measurements now” at his voicemail, and then grumble to the rest of my family for days because he’s holding up my knitting.

  3. All of the above!
    15. try and convert people to knitters. and if they are knitters, try and encourage them to load Rav projects!

  4. I often take photos for inspiration or pattern ideas.
    Am currently in my German home and did a 350km round trip yesterday into central Switzerland to visit a blogger who had a sale of her hand dyed Swiss silk!!!
    Ask friends to hare round NZ whilst on holiday there to find some possum yarn!!
    Bimbi x

    • I wasn’t going to ‘fess up to that… but seeing as you’ve added it to the list, I’ve been known to do things like that too!! So glad I’m not the only one. 😀

  5. Secretly steal into the room where your stash is and cuddle your favourite, squishy yarns while sighing contentedly. 🙂

  6. Yes. Oh yes. Also regularly take out stash yarn just to look and squish and squeesh, getting excited to rediscover it. And does anyone else softly apologise to needles/other tools of excellence that haven’t been used in a while…?

  7. Sezza has it, yes, shamelessly recruit others to the woolly side 🙂 Great post, made me smile, thank you

  8. Haha I think I’ll just ‘fess up to all of these!

  9. Ah yes, especially number 1. Hubby has actually made a game of it with me. Also, for number 4 I’ve been known to flat out ask friends and relatives if I can take a picture of their clothes “for later”. Lil sis and fellow knitters just laugh and pose. Everyone else kind of looks around like they’re hoping my keeper will come take me back to my room soon.

  10. LOL…I do many of these things. I always look at the material content of knitted goods especially at Nordstrom. I stare at women’s knitted garments. They probably think I’m doggin’ them. I can kind of tell if an item is handknitted but I will ask outright.
    You had me chuckling at #2. I don’t personally do that.

  11. We are an odd bunch! I happen to suffer from #11 more often than I like, but it only makes me work harder so I can justify spending the money!

  12. I’m always trying to work out whether the garment someone is wearing is a handknit – but I can’t tell for sure and I’m not brazen enough to ask them!

  13. Having accepted the invitation to my brothers wedding in America in November, involving a 10 hour flight, the first thing I did was research suitable patterns/yarns/tools for knitting on the plane. In fact the patterns were chosen before the tickets had been book. I think I have got my priorities right!!