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Bird of Paradise


This sock project was sitting in my ‘carry around’ bag that accompanies me everywhere for quite a while.  The only problem is that I don’t seem to have very much waiting time these days, and the socks were taking a verrrrry.looooong.time to finish.  It was getting boring!

So I took them out and put them in my WIP basket, and paid them some attention this weekend:

Bird of Paradise socksI think they’re awesome now that they’re done!  Don’t you think the colourway looks just like the Bird of Paradise flower?  I understand that the flowers were indeed the inspiration for the colourway.

The yarn is Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn, in the Odelay colourway.  Just the basic sock recipe from Knitting Rules (Stephanie Pearl McPhee).  The heel is the eye of partridge heel.

Audry knitted some socks in this colourway too recently.  Check them out!  You’ll be amazed at how using a different pattern makes the yarn do different things!

I seem to be on a sock knitting jag at the moment.  Plenty more to show you soon!


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30 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise

  1. The colours are simply wonderful!! 🙂

  2. Wow. They don’t look anything like each other. I love your colour way.

  3. I love how your socks came out! I can’t believe how different they ended up from mine, though.

  4. They are beautiful such a lovely colour!

  5. LOVE your socks. I’m a bit addicted at the moment too.

  6. They are awesome !
    I am wondering though how you managed to keep the striping after the heel going ? Having knit McPhee’s sock recipe myself, I can’t remember it providing things like this ( of I must be doing something wrong – my socks-stripes come out rather randomly with this pattern.. )

    • I wish it was that easy to control. It’s nothing to do with the pattern unfortunately – it’s all about how the colourway behaves with the number of stitches. I have found that all my Knitsch variegated socks have this effect – it must be the way she dyes the yarn!

  7. Totally stunning! I have sock envy!

  8. I adore those colors! I am knitting my first pair of socks right now – I can only hope they turn out this well!

  9. Those are gorgeous! I love how the changes in width make the stripes appear, then turn into waves of colour – lovely!

  10. Love them! They’re just stunning!

  11. They are beautiful. They almost make me want to knit socks. Almost! LOL

  12. Fabulous and fun socks!!! I’ll go look for your basic pattern and tried to find the yarn but they are out of that colorway. Love the Pansy color too but it only comes in lace weight. I’ll manage somehow…love the socks!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I love the Pansy colourway too. I think Tash does sometimes dye that colourway in sock… I recall I have something similar looking in my stash from Knitsch. If you are willing to wait, I am sure that a new dye lot of Odelay will be done soon – just click the “notify me” on the website.

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  13. It is really amazing how differnent Audry and your socks turned out. Equally fantastic!

  14. I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with the Knitsch Odelay yarn – the colours make me think of orchids. I crocheted a cowl/scarf with it (you can check it out here >>>


  15. Great socks! I take a little credit as when she called for requests once, I asked for Bird of Paradise colours 🙂 I’m knitting my Odelay up in the Jaywalker sock pattern, but it’s taking me a while… hehe

    • I think you deserve a lot of credit for the colour! Thanks for asking Tash to dye Bird of Paradise colours!!! Also, I think they’ll look great as Jaywalker socks.

  16. What a gorgeous colorway!

  17. Wow, those are amazing! Love the colorway so much.

  18. Love the colors! So pretty. Im going to have to check out the eye of partridge heel. That’s not one I’m familiar with.

  19. These are fun socks. Like how they’re unique just like the flower.

  20. VERY COOL. There must be something in the air – I too have joined the hand-knitted sock revolution. Love your heel – in fact, just love your socks – just what we need to see in the middle of winter