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Grace note


In musical terms, a grace note is an extra note(s) that acts as an embellishment and is not essential to the harmony of the music.

I kept thinking of grace notes when I knitted these socks.

Grace note socksThe lace detail looks to me like a grace note, and if one thinks about it, isn’t a decorative embellishment on a sock very much like a knitty grace note!?

DetailThis is ‘test one’ completed – to be able to design something in simple lace and knit it without getting muddled or messing up halfway through.

I am very happy with the leg of the sock, but less happy with the motif on the foot.  More tweaking is required.  The initial motif came from the book “The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting” by Lynne Watterson.

The yarn is the lovely alpaca sock yarn (Awesome Alpaca) from Fibre Alive in Scottish Moors.  You may remember I initially showed them to you as Hedgerow socks, only I decided I didn’t like it in that pattern and it needed to be knitted in a light and airy pattern instead!


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13 thoughts on “Grace note

  1. I love your socks! Usually the foot part of the design gets lost in the shoe but this is just the right amount to put in the shoe. If I saw the pattern, I definitely would knit these socks! Good job and brave of you to incorporate a pattern into your socks. 🙂

  2. Very pretty and I dig the music reference 🙂

  3. Love this new design … and I think the motif on the foot is just gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful pattern and socks!

  5. Pretty. Sock designing looks like good fun.

  6. What a great analogy! I remember grace notes back in the days I used to play flute and piano. Very nice socks.

  7. Maybe you could make the lace swoop over the foot like in Kai-Mei or Smaug Socks.
    I think the socks look quite good though.

  8. they look really nice. I’m struggling with my first sock. It’s not that it’s too hard, I don’t know what it is, maybe because I know I’ll have to make two?

    • I suspect that once you’ve finished the one, and put it on your foot and rejoiced at how pretty it is, there will be no problem with the second one. 🙂

  9. I think those socks are wonderfull ! Like the way you model them, too, in that picture; were you dancing ? Makes them look even more joyfull 🙂