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Watch for me in August


Just a very quick update on the internet situation.

Unfortunately, my laptop’s case was ‘terminal’.  Only four years after I purchased it new, the motherboard failed.  As the cost to repair it is halfway to the price of a new laptop, I will wait to buy a new one as I don’t really have the funds to repair it in any event!!  There’s a wee bit more to the story, but it will have to wait until I’m online properly to tell you.  Fortunately, my hard drive is ok, so I haven’t lost any data. 

I will not be able to access this blog regularly until I have the funds to buy a new laptop (which I am hoping will be in August).  This means I’ll have to sadly step away from blogging for a few more weeks. 

In the meantime, I guess this is a major incentive to purchase an internet-enabled phone so that I can at least access my emails in the interim.  Perhaps I might even work out how to do quick blogs from my phone.  Who knows!

See you on the other side.  🙂


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9 thoughts on “Watch for me in August

  1. Will miss you while you are away! Happy shopping, guess that will give you an opportunity to stash dive and work through some of it while you save your pennies, although I am terrible at resisting temptation whenever I tell myself no yarn shopping to save pennies or to reduce what I have. Yesterday I employed the technique of balling up all my hanks to get ready to knit and to revisit what I have. Found some forgotten goodies, so now have to seal my wallet until I get through some of it. Every year I make a New Year’s resolution to not buy any yarn until I have got through my stash and I seem to cave in before the month of January is out! Guess that is what yarn addiction does to you, although I can think of worse addictions that I don’t have to deal with. 🙂

  2. Please get an iPhone and hurry back soon! Glad to hear you’ve not lost any data, but I’ll miss your posts – they brighten up my (UK) breakfast time!

  3. Commiserations but well done on data retention. Thank goodness knitting needles don’t go black and stop working……see you on the other side with lots of projects completed ;-))

  4. Glad your data is not lost and when we ‘hear’ from you again it will be from some spiffy gadget you got 🙂 I bet you’ll have lots of finishes to show us… Hope the saving your pennies is not painful. Hugs,

  5. Looking forward to when you return to full Internet access.

  6. Ah, tech issues can be so frustrating as we are so dependent upon our gadgets, yeah? And only after four years? Geez. You ought to write that company.
    But I’m sure you’ll score a better laptop and then you’ll be back. Will miss you in the meantime!

  7. Yes, missing your posts and Wellington knitting news, but August is not too far off. Bon courage!

  8. I’m relieved to hear that you didn’t lose any data. That would have been really heartbreaking on top of the computer dying. I look forward to seeing your future posts, whenever they happen. I’ll bet you are going to have quite a few projects to show us when you are back.

  9. What a bummer that your motherboard calls it quitters..
    Hope you’ll be back soon and meanwhile have some happy & relaxing knitting time !