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The Lamplight shawl


This has easily got to be one of the most beautiful things I have knitted to date.

Lamplight shawlI finished the Lamplight Shawl today.

As I mentioned in my last post about this shawl, I knitted it in fingering weight alpaca silk because I wanted a larger shawl.  It’s a soft, warm hug around my shoulders.

DetailSee how the alpaca fibres have filled out the spaces between the YO holes?  Extra warmth!!

I talked to Andy at Flagstaff Alpacas about the yarn as it is different to the usual alpaca/silk blends you find on the market these days.  Most alpaca/silk blends that I have come across have a predominance of silk in them, but as the aim of Flagstaff Alpacas is to highlight the beautiful alpaca fibre, Andy deliberately kept the alpaca dominant in this blend, with only 20% silk content.

The silk content is enough to give the yarn more lustre than a straight alpaca, and there is a certain body and buttery quality to the strand that you don’t get with pure alpaca.   It’s rather scrumptious.

I was impatient to show it to you, so this is it unblocked.  It’s now spread all over my bed, drying.

Lamplight 2

Hurry up and dry already so I can wear you!!!

In other news, watch out for a post from me on Wednesday.  I will be releasing a new design!!  It has something to do with the image you see below.

Window droplets and lichenHope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Keep calm and carry yarn!




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16 thoughts on “The Lamplight shawl

  1. Your shawl is so beautiful – you shuld be so proud of it

  2. I mean “should” !!!

  3. Beautiful and cozy warm!!

  4. That is a beautiful shawl lovely! Love the yarn as well

  5. Wow, it looks lush & beautiful !
    And you got me very curious about mentioned design with that picture..

  6. Gorgeous…I just bet it will be scumptious to wear…..

  7. Beautiful lace shawl — well done! I wish the pattern (or even the kit) were still available, but after checking the link, it doesn’t seem to be.

  8. Gorgeous! I’ve knit with Flagstaff 100% alpaca and that was gorgeous, so i”m sure their silk blend is completely delicious.

  9. I knew that you’d be a true knitting threat once you got going on lace. That shawl look amazing. And now nothing can stop you from taking over the world…. of knitting.

    Good luck with your pattern release!

  10. This is such a delight and it will be wonderful to wear and be so toasty-cosy. I have an alpaca lacy cardigan, that for all it’s holes in the pattern work, is so lightweight and is probably the warmest garment i own.

  11. It’s beautiful – and so perfect! Mine always have a few flaws (for the evil spirits to get out).

  12. It’s fantastic! I love alpaca and know how warm this shawl will be for you. Beautiful job.

  13. Please whereabout can I get the pattern? Or can I buy it from you? Cheers.

    • I thought it might be available for purchase from Jamieson & Smith, who are the owners of the copyright, I believe. Unfortunately, it seems they are no longer publishing it, which is a real shame.