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On shawls


I have been hearing around that traps (and from direct feedback) that many of you would like to knit the Lamplight Shawl I showed you.

Lamplight shawl

On one hand, I am very flattered that you like the pattern so much, and on the other hand, I am sorry that the pattern is now out of circulation (J&S should bring it back!)

So I thought I would do a trawl around to find something else that might be similar that would be just as lovely that you could use.

I happened to be looking at Gudrun Johnston’s site today and I found this.  It is virtually identical(!) except that Gudrun has put in a small stocking stitch panel around the neck and the lace pattern is in a stocking stitch base, not garter like mine.  Also, it is designed for fingering-weight yarn, which is the weight of yarn that I used in my project.

Funnily enough, there is also a Shetland connection in this pattern. 🙂

I got the pattern, because I needed to be able to tell you about it properly. This shawl is constructed differently to the one I knitted.  My shawl was knitted top down.  In Wast Side, you knit the edging first, and then pick up the edge stitches and knit the fern leaf section and then the stocking stitch bit.

Have a look at the pattern on Ravelry and see how it has turned out for others (click on the “73 projects” in the side bar).  I think it makes a good substitute pattern.

It’s funny that once one starts looking, it’s actually hard to find fern leaf lace shawls!  I did find one more, the Birch leaf shawl.  This is a free pattern.  It does not have an edging, but the body stitch pattern is the same.

Hope that helps!

In other news, I am about to embark on another shawl.  It’s this.  The good news is that the pattern is available for sale! I’m also going to knit it in alpaca, 100% alpaca in fingering weight.  And guess what?  You can get the same yarn as me here!

I haven’t to date been much of a fan of knit-a-longs (they always start when I’m busy on something else).  However, if you do want to knit it with me, I’d be delighted to share the journey.  Watch out for more on it soon.


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7 thoughts on “On shawls

  1. Oh my! That lace shawl is quite lovely. Is your shawl going to be pink like the yarn you linked to?

  2. You really have been bit by the lace bug :O).

    • Actually i would quite like to start a sweater now. However, I need to make sure I have cemented my newly acquired knowledge in my brain so that I don’t forget! Also it has taken me so long to ‘get’ lace and there are so many pretty projects to knit!!

  3. Pretty – I especially love the Gudrun one in that lavender 🙂
    I’m doing a “modern” wrap at the moment … but, once again, you’ve got me thinking about lace …

  4. That shawl is very beautiful. Will you use a shawl pin on it? If so have you sourced any nice ones in NZ?