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Do you ever get to the end of the week, and it really does feel like “Thank God It’s Friday!”?  So happy to be home and starting the weekend!  It hasn’t been an awful week, just one of those where time has draaaged, and I’d rather be somewhere else and doing other things than office work!

So… to commence the weekend, I thought I’d tell you about this pretty little number I finished this week:


Annis is a pattern I have been drooling over ever since it was released on Knitty in 2010.  According to Ravelry, I’m something like the 6,504th person to knit this shawl!

It’s not blocked as aggressively as some, but I am just delighted I managed to knit one!  I think I could do something about having a looser cast one and bind off (despite using the recommended bind off and a long-tail cast on, the edges are still a bit tighter than I’d like), but otherwise I am very happy with it.

But oh dear, those naughty nupps did sent me around the loop!  It is extremely difficult to purl seven stitches together.  Especially when they were made by a YO, K1 (x 3) all into one stitch on the previous row.  There is a reason why nupp rhymes with loop!

After the first nupp row, I wondered whether I should just pull the needles out, wind up the yarn and look for something else to knit that wasn’t quite so aggravating. That’s when I concluded that nupps must have been invented by the devil, or some malevolent individual who enjoyed destroying people’s love of knitting!!

Instead, I took a deep breath, and visited the Internet where I came across a tutorial by Nancy Bush (who popularised nupps).  She was kind enough to put me out of my misery by explaining that you need to knit these very, very, loosely, as in baggy loose.   The second and third row of nupps went much better.

And now, it’s done!

Annis again

It’s actually a very fast knit.  I think it took me about eight hours of knitting total.  I knitted Annis in the divine Zealana Air, which I think must be one of the most beautiful yarns ever created.  This is the ‘mauve’ colourway.  So light, so soft, so warm, so drapey, so pretty…  The combination of brushtail possum down, cashmere and silk makes this the perfect shawl material.  I needed a bit less than two balls to knit this.

It feels like a cloud of lightness and warmth around your neck, it’s so very lovely. This won’t be the last thing I knit in Zealana Air!

The shawl is for my mother, as a thank you, for without her support I would still be laptop-less.  I hope she likes it.

Next up:  Golitha Falls Shawl.

Golitha Falls Shawl

Not having heard from any of you about wanting to knit this with me, I have zoomed ahead and am trying to finish it this weekend if I can (optimistic goal I think).  It’s a gift for a certain someone.

Wishing you a good start to the weekend!


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19 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I remember my first ever nupp, it was on my Aoelian shawl which was also my first ever shawl. I worked out on the way back on that first row that it needed to be really loose; took ages to fight my way through it all with a crochet hook.

    • Aoelian was your first shawl!? Wow.

      • had to start somewhere and I do better if it’s a pattern I love. Took a while, but it was the start of my lace bug; I don’t count the scarf I did first which was apparently a good introduction to lace; they lied. It was awful and complicated (Branching Out pattern on Knitty); almost put me off lace; Aoelian fixed that though.

  2. I skipped the nupps when I made Annis and put in beads instead. My nupps are always so inconsistent.

    I do like the yarn you chose for the shawl. It looks divine.

    • You were smart. Still, I am glad I have worked out how to knit them. Not sure they’ll ever be my favourite in a project… they look too much like bobbles.

  3. I like your version of Annis very much, it looks better when less aggressively blocked 🙂 and the yarn is yummy and nicely fuzzy. Love it!
    Look forward to seeing your Golitha FO pics 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful shawl! Maybe someday I will be able to knit something like this…for now I just admire from a far… 🙂

    • It has taken me seven years from the time I took up knitting seriously again to get here! Others of course haven’t been so tardy. So there is plenty of time for you. 🙂

  5. Your annis is beautiful. I’m impressed – I’ve stayed away from nupps up to now!

  6. So glad I found your blog! Just returned from a fabulous 3 week trip to your beautiful country! You will be glad to hear that my suitcase managed to fit in some beautiful NZ yarns!!! I started the Annis and then gave up due to the nulls! But then I did the swallowtail and I think I mastered them! Now looking for something to use my gorgeous possum for! I love in Abu Dhabi so the light and fluffy nature of the possum should mean I don’t sweat over it!!

  7. It is beautiful! Love the color!

  8. Beautiful shawl. It does look light and airy. Sophisticated that could be dressed up or worn casually.

  9. It’s beautiful – such a lovely colour and texture!

  10. Now you have made me drool over Annis as well. Your shawl is beautiful.

  11. Have made 8 Annis’s as it makes such a quick and easy gift. I have done them with and without nupps, replacing them with beads. Both versions are equally lovely, Susanna designs beautiful shawls that are always a successful knit. One tip with the cast on is to do the over thumb (backwards loop) cast on and then purl back, using a straight needle, on the larger size needle before starting the pattern. This gives a very loose cast on that stretches out and blocks beautifully giving lovely deep points.
    So glad you have come over to the ‘lace side’ it is rather addictive!

    • I have admired your Annis projects on Ravelry! They are beautiful! Thank you for the tip about the cast on using a straight needle. I tried that once before with a different shawl but got snarled up because I used a circular and the stitches would not come off the cable. It was so frustrating I snipped the yarn off the cable and promptly put the pattern away! Now I shall try again using straights…

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